Monoi de Tahiti, Avocado & Shea Body Butter

With summer in full swing, well sort of in the UK! and with an upcoming trip i decided to treat myself and my skin in particular by making some simple yet luxurious body butter delicately scented with  some Monoi de Tahiti oil. This body butter is definitely a winner for summer with some light yet nourishing butters and oils. 



50g Shea butter

50g Avocado butter

50g Coconut oil

2 tsps Monoi de Tahiti oil



Place all the butters and oils into a non metallic bowl

Put the bowl with the butters into a pan of water or a double boiler 

Allow the butters and oils to melt slowly and stir gently to mix

Once the mixture is completely melted and in liquid form remove from the pan / double boiler 

Pour the liquid into a jar of choice and set aside to cool

The mixture can be placed in the fridge or freezer to cool and set

Once the mixture has set it is now ready to be used, after your next bath or shower slather on some of the luxurious all natural, non toxic and vegan body butter and enjoy the subtle scent of the Monoi oil on your skin!


~E xx