Moving 101 - Things To Remember Before Moving Day

moving day

It’s been a while since I moved house but lately I have got to thinking about that special but stressful time and decided to put up a post to help others who are facing a house move. If you are looking to move home anytime soon, it’s likely that you are worried about how you and your family are going to cope with the whole experience. With a million and one things to think about and do before the big day, it’s no wonder that you may be feeling anxious about the situation. There’s no getting around the fact that moving is stressful and because of this, I have compiled a short list of things to remember before moving day so that you don’t run the risk of forgetting anything!

Speak to your providers;

One thing that many people forget to do is let their utility bill providers know that they are moving. Failing to do this can lead to you paying more than needed for your utility bills. Once you have your moving date, speak to your electricity, gas, water, and even internet service providers so that they can provide you with a final bill. You may also want to set up their services in your new home.

Arrange the moving company;

A lot of people try and move their belongings without a removal company, and this simply adds to the stress of moving. Save yourself the headache and arrange a removals company to come and help you transition into your new home. 2 men even offer installation of your utilities in your new home too!

Cancel subscriptions;

Any subscriptions that come to your home will need to be cancelled. Things such as magazines, newspapers, and even a milk delivery will need to either be cancelled or rerouted to your new home. Don’t forget to have your post redirected too to ensure you don’t miss out on any important mail.

Tell your neighbours;

If you’re close or at least friendly with your neighbours, it might be a good idea to let them know that you’re planning on moving so that they can prepare themselves for any noise that may come from your household.

Touch up your home;

Look around your home for any dings or scuffs, and any other repairs that need doing and make a list of them so that you can touch them up before leaving. This is especially important if you’re hoping to get a security deposit back. Remember to replace any broken white goods if needed and leave the property in the same state you moved in with.

Arrange a leaving party;

Finally, one of the best parts about moving is being able to host a leaving party for all of your friends, family, and neighbours to attend for a final goodbye to your home. Even if you’re not moving far, it’s a great way of celebrating the time you spent in your home and look forward to the next chapter of your life!

~E xx

Four Ways You Can Make Your Home More Ethical Right Now

As a species we are slowly coming to a dawning realisation… We only have one planet and it’s up to us to take care of it before we do irrevocable damage. It isn’t for nothing that the late Stephen Hawking hypothesised that unless we do something to change our wanton disregard for the planet in the name of progress that we will render the planet uninhabitable within 100 years. Many of us are now looking at ways in which we can make changes to our lifestyle to become more ethical in our buying and living habits.


The good news is that this needn’t be hard work or expensive. No matter what you do for a living, how busy you are at work or what sort of household budget you’re working there are a plethora of changes that you can start to make right now!


Weigh up the ethical cost of your food

We all want to keep our families happy, well fed and well nourished, but that need not come at the expense of our environment. One of the most meaningful ways to make a difference may be by weighing the environmental cost of the food in your fridge. Many of us will be switching to a plant based diet this Veganuary not only because of animal advocacy (although that’s a pretty compelling reason) but because its proven that switching to a vegan diet is “the single biggest” way in which you can reduce the impact your lifestyle has on the environment. Needless to say, using fewer pre-packaged foods and eschewing single use, non-recyclable plastics goes a long way, too!

Make recycling your last line of defence

We tend to think of recycling as the most environmentally friendly way to deal with our waste. However the truth is that recycling is still a fairly inefficient and environmentally damaging way to deal with waste. Recycling is a highly energy intensive process and it’s estimated that nearly 80% of recycling finds its way into landfill anyway.Consider composting and refusing packaging and use recycling as your last line of defence.

Switch to a sustainable energy provider

We all need energy to keep the lights on and the indoor gas heater burning, especially in the colder, darker months. Still, that doesn’t mean that we need to contribute to environmentally damaging energy generation when there are so many sustainable alternatives available to us. You should change your energy supplier regularly anyway to make sure that you’re always getting the best deals. Why not try switching to a sustainable energy provider this year? There are more out there than ever before and they are often no more expensive than their fossil fuel burning counterparts.


Ditch the cleaning products under the sink

We all want a clean and tidy home that’s the envy of friends, neighbours and visitors, but the cleaning products that we use to achieve it can do real damage to our local environment when flushed into our water waste. Consider using biodegradable, environmentally friendly alternatives. Or, better yet, make your own cleaning products. There are a number of natural ways you can make your bathroom sparkle and your kitchen shine.

If you want to make a difference and make your home more ethical, who says you should wait until January to do it?

In what ways do you like to make your home more ethical?

~E xx

Social Media & Children: How Early Is Too Early?


This post is for the parents out there! In the world today, It seems that no matter where we look today all we see are people glued to devices. This includes young children who can often be seen sitting in strollers gazing at something on their parent’s phone or tablet as a way to keep them quiet.

We all know that this isn’t a great thing - sure technology has many great aspects and benefits, but we need to be more careful with how we’re using it and how young we’re allowing our children to start using it because there have been many studies done to prove the negative effects of exposure to too much screen time, including things like social media and phone addiction.

As a mum of a young child myself, I have concluded that the one thing you’re not going to be able to avoid as a parent of a child growing up in this technology driven world is that you’ll have to make a decision at some point about when the right time is for them to be using things like social media.

This can be a difficult decision, because on the one hand you want to keep your children safe and not have them deal with the pressures that come from social media or put them at risk of things like cyber-bullying, but on the other hand you know that technology is just a part of life nowadays and you can’t forbid them to have it forever because they’ll just end up using it behind your back once they are old enough, anyway.

In this post, we are going to look at some ways that you can decide at what age / stage you think your children should be exposed to or be using social media, as well as giving you some tips on ensuring your children will use social media and technology in general in a healthy way.

As a parent you know your child better than anyone, and you have to base this decision on what feels right for you and them. It is also important that you keep an open line of communication with your child if they are older and understand what social media is all about. However, if they’re younger, then simply limiting and monitoring what they’re doing online is sufficient.

To help you introduce social media to your child’s life and help them use it safely and responsibly in a way that makes you feel comfortable, I have listed some tips for you below, including using things like TextNow cell phone plans as a free alternative to spending on texts so they can keep in touch with you and others without running up large bills.

Agree on social media use:

Children growing up in this day and age are going to find ways to use social media no matter what, so if you’re concerned about this, then the best way forward is to agree with them that they can use it, but that there need to be limitations on how much time they’re spending using social media that you’ll also be monitoring this so they’re not glued to the internet all day long.

Monitor use:
Social media has its good points, and can be great for things like safety and keeping in touch. However, it shouldn’t be taking over their life, and you need to let them know that social media and general internet use will be restricted during times like meals, school and homework.

Ask for the password:

This is not to say you don’t trust your child or to spy on or control them, but the trust needs to be built up from both sides. Ask for your child’s password to their social media accounts so you can do random checks to make sure they’re not looking at things they shouldn’t be, are the victims of bullying or are in fact bullies themselves.

How do you approach your child / children and young ones about social media use?

~E xx

Adding A Touch Of Luxury To A Space


Often when we think of luxury, we think of it as being expensive but adding a little bit of it to the home doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. With so many brands out there, there’s now even more opportunity to get affordable furniture that’s upscale and opulent but without the hefty price tag. Here’s how you can add a touch of luxury to a space even if you’re on a budget;

Think About Material

Certain materials are often referred to as luxurious so when purchasing furniture for a space, think about the materials you could use. Leather furniture is a little old school now, but it’s traditionally seen as a more fancy material. Velvet is also a good choice, and it’s a very relevant trend at the moment both in fashion and home decor.

Consider The Colour Palette

Colours can also help in achieving this extravagance with certain shades of purple being associated with royal families. Gold was also seen as a colour for showing off wealth and makes furniture look very elegant if there are little touches of it here and there. Think of colour on the walls too as vibrant or clashing colours can ruin anything luxurious you may have heard in terms of the furniture.

Include Lavish Lighting

Lighting again doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s all about picking out the right shape. Obviously, the chandelier is the most luxurious of lighting, but any big piece will stand out just the same. Try and go with something that reflects the light instead of subduing it. Keep to using warm lights and not the fluorescent ones, as they can make the room feel cold and clinical.

Make use of natural light too that comes through the windows and play the decor around it, whether it’s curtains or blinds. They may well be blocking the potential for more light in the room.

Add Nature

It’s probably the most affordable thing to buy, but it can make a great deal of difference to a space. Decorative vases that display fake flowers will be just as effective as a real bouquet. Orchids would be a great choice as they’re often the go-to gift for company executives or are often displayed on the reception of corporate companies. Nature indoors can do wonders for our mood so don’t be afraid to include lots of it throughout the home. Just don’t forget to water them!

Keep It Clean & Pristine

A minimalistic setting can look just as luxurious, even if there’s very little in it. Keep your space clean of mess and have every organised and stored away. Make sure to do a thorough clean up of your space and include scents like a candle or spray (I like to use eco friendly candles and sprays or a diffuser) to give the room a lovely atmosphere that your guests will be intrigued to walk into.

Luxury doesn’t necessarily mean expensive anymore, so use some of these tips and implement them into your own home. You’ll be surprised by how much luxury you could achieve with very little effort.

~E xx

Three Surprising Ways To Clean Your Bathroom Naturally

Lately It seems like there are more and more home and cleaning accounts appearing on social media, and while they are fun to watch, it seems like they are using endless amounts of products to clean one room. This not only leads to lots of waste but lots of toxic fumes in the home as well. If the product says that it is harmful to aquatic life on the bottle, then it is going to be harmful to you too. There are plenty of natural ways to clean that are going to better for you, your home, and the environment.


Cleaning the Toilet


Cleaning the toilet can be a challenge, but one that is so important to get right. But did you know that you probably already have something in your kitchen cupboard at home that can do the job? Well, if you like baking, of course. Bicarbonate of Soda, when it is mixed with water, can have a bubbling effect that can help to clean and degrease. So mix eight teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda into the toilet bowl and then leave overnight. You can also use the soda neat on a cloth to clean the toilet lid and all round the toilet. Wipe with a damp cloth afterwards. A few drops of lemon essential oil can help to create an amazing scent too.

Cleaning Shower Panels

If you have a glass screen on your shower or have acrylic shower panels, you will know how much of a nuisance cleaning limescale off them can be. It really shows up when there is limescale, and it isn’t what you want when you want a clean and shiny looking shower. Did you know that white wine can be used as an eco-friendly cleaner for your shower screen? All you need to do is to pour it onto the screen, leave for about half and hour, and then wipe with a dry and soft cloth. It can be a great way to remove limescale and stains in the bathroom, and again, you are likely to already have some in the house.

Cleaning Mirrors

The bathroom is a great place to get ready, and for that reason there are so many reasons why having a mirror in the bathroom is a good idea. But with the steam, humidity, and other things going on in the bathroom, it can get pretty dirty pretty quickly. But there are natural ways to clean a mirror and still have it shine. In a spray bottle, put together a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar (again, you could add in a few drops of essential oil like lemon can make the smell amazing). Spray it, wipe it, and then use newspaper scrunched up to perfect the shine on the mirror. You don’t need lots of chemicals to clean; it is so easy to do that naturally.

Your bathroom is one of the rooms in the home that, naturally, gets pretty dirty. So with that in mind, these are some of the most natural ways that you can clean your bathroom, but still get rid of germs and leave it all smelling amazing. Have you given any of these a try before?

~E xx

Marvellous Maca And Some Benefits Of Taking It.


For a while despite all the signs around me showing me the benefits of taking Maca powder, I had somehow managed to avoid including it into my diet until recently. I decided to take a closer look at this wonderful adaptogen (see my post on Adaptogens here). What exactly is Maca? Well it is a cruciferous vegetable in the same family as cabbage and broccoli that grows in the Andes mountains at very high altitudes in Peru and has traditionally been used by Peruvians and their Incan ancestors for centuries. Some of the benefits of taking Maca root powder are:

  • Increases Energy: It boosts energy levels without causing stress on the adrenal glands like coffee can.

  • Boosts Fertility: Black maca variety has been shown to improve sperm count in men and the red maca variety balances female hormones and ovulation cycles.

  • Reduces depression and anxiety: It helps to boost the mood and relieve symptoms of anxiety.

  • Enhances mental clarity: Black maca has a positive effect on learning and memory.

  • Improves muscle gain: Athletes and body builders are using maca to increase their athletic performance.

  • Regulates hormone balance: Its vast amount of amino acids are the building blocks of hormones.

These are just some of the amazing benefits of taking maca including but not limited to ; Improving acne, skin tone, thyroid function, strong bones and teeth and hair growth. I intend to keep using maca and documenting my successes with it as I go along, although I am already seeing results in terms of balancing my hormones in that my girl time of the month is significantly lighter and shorter. This is a huge bonus for me as well as giving me the extra energy boost that I need to complete my workouts in the gym.

Have you used Maca powder?

~Eme xx