Why Camu Camu Is The Superfood To Have This Winter

With the ever decreasing temperatures Winter is finally here, we actually had our first flurries of snow in the UK this week. With this time of year also unfortunately arrives the cold and flu bugs that can make our lives and that of our loved ones a misery. I recently have just gotten over another bout of a nasty cold and my little one was affected too. 

In my previous experiences with flu and colds I managed to come across a food source / supplement that happens to have the highest known source of vitamin C on the planet and tell me what more do you need to kick those bugs in to touch than a high dose of all natural organic vitamin C?! Enter Camu camu an Amazonian super fruit! It has so many good benefits such as boosting the immune system and helping to flush and detoxify the body of those nasty bacteria and germs which I can personally attest to as it has worked for me on numerous occasions by cutting down the severity and length of any symptoms.

Some other benefits include; Improving respiratory health, can be used as an antiseptic, lowers blood pressure, lifts the mood, anti diabetic properties, antiviral properties, helps alleviate arthritic symptoms by reducing inflammation amongst many other benefits. Camu camu is also a source of some essential vitamins such as phosphorus, vitamin c, beta carotene, calcium, iron, niacin, thiamine and amino acids. Quite the powerhouse this little Amazonian fruit, it is usually available in powdered form and can be added to drinks, smoothies and food as required, it's definitely a staple to have in your cupboard this winter.

What superfoods do you like or use to help you get through cold and flu season?


~E xx



Weekend Wind Down

Korres lip butter, Butter london nail polish, green beauty

Just like that it's the weekend again, time seems to fly by so fast these days. I guess that it is even more noticeable to me this particular weekend as I turn another year older! I tend to take stock of my previous year and see how I've come at the same time as wondering what lies ahead for me. This weekend the general theme for me is a little pampering and "me" time, it's about the little details for example enjoying some of my favourite little treats like a new non toxic nail paint colour by Butter London and moisturising my lips with a little Korres lip balm with beneficial nutrients.  What rituals or pampering traditions if any do you have on your birthday or at the weekends?

                                                    ~E xx