The Benefits Of A Himalayan Salt Lamp


For the longest time I have wanted to invest in a Himalayan salt lamp but never quite got round to it. Well the universe is always listening to your heart’s desires as they say and I recently had proof of this when on my recent trip to visit family I was gifted the most beautiful Himalayan salt lamp. To say that I was ecstatic would be accurate. This lamp is a welcome addition to my home especially in my bedroom where it lives and comes with many benefits for health and well-being which I want to share. It is amazing that this little lamp comes with so many benefits and I’ll go into these below;


. Purifies the air: It pulls water molecules out of the air which contains allergens, pollutants, bacteria and mold.

.  Reduces air borne infections and electromagnetic radiation by balancing negative and positive ions which in turn reduces electromagnetic radiation.

. Eases allergy symptoms and provides asthma relief. 

. Improves your mood

. Promotes better sleep. 

. Increases energy levels  . 

. It is a environmentally friendly light source. 

Have you got or used a Himalayan salt lamp?


                                        ~E xx