wool and the gang

How To Get The Best Knitwear For The Season

wool and the gang

Temperatures are dropping even further and all I can think of is various ways to keep warm. One of the ways to do this is to layer up and seek out your warmest knitwear offerings from the bottom of the clothing pile that had previously been stored away. Over the years I have become fed up with purchasing fast fashion knitwear only to have it bobble up and show signs of general wear and tear after being washed a handful of times no matter how carefully I have taken care of and laundered it. 

I decided that it was time to take matters into my own hands literally and get the best knitwear that I could get my hands on. I decided to spend my money in a unique way to achieve this, enter Wool And The Gang! Basically the concept is to buy a ready made knitting kit with all that you need to make yourself some gorgeous form fitting, long lasting quality knitwear for the season. These lovely kits contain lovely wool and all the tools and patterns that you could need, from beginner, intermediate to advanced level knitters and crocheters there really is something for everyone. the website also has a wealth of helpful information and videos incase you get stuck during the making process. Just incase you don't fancy making your own items but still like what you see, you can still purchase the items ready handmade from the website.

I can't express how much satisfaction I get from creating my own investment piece knitwear now, that will last me for years to come and how I also feel part of a community whilst doing so. Slow sustainable thoughtful knitwear fashion is definitely the way forward for me and my wardrobe for the foreseeable future.

Have you ever bought anything from Wool And The Gang?


                                            ~ E xx