Hygge For Spring


Spring is well and truly here in the UK and with it comes some very unpredictable weather but with a few sunny days sprinkled in between it is possible to bring some hygge (hue-guh) from the cold and dark autumn / winter nights into the the lighter fresher days of spring. Below is a by no means exhaustive list of some ways that you can bring the Danish concept of Hygge into spring.

Have a picnic - If the weather permits and you have the perfect spot it's worth it to get outside and chow down on some health and nutritious food whilst enjoying the sunshine

Plant something - Being green fingered at this time of year not only gives you a sense of achievement, it is therapeutic too.

Bring in some fresh flowers - On that note, getting some flowers indoors whether freshly picked or bought is a great way to bring the outside of spring indoors and helps to uplift the mood and in some cases provides a beautiful scent too.

Open windows - Let that gorgeous spring time air in it's good not just for you but for your home to to let the fresh air circulate 

Go for a walk / Ride a bike - A double whammy!, you get to go out in the beautiful spring weather and get some exercise to boot which gives you those lovely endorphins that keep you feeling good and lift the mood.

Light a candle or put up some mood lights - There's something to be said for creating a cosy atmosphere with some lights or burning a lovely scented candle, be sure to get some clean and non toxic burning candles if you do!

Get some vitamin D in the sun outside _ Just go outside and enjoy the lovely sunshine when it's available, this helps to get that all important vitamin D that is good for the bones.

Bake _ Baking some healthy treats is not only a nice nutritious way to get some much needed nutrients it also fills your home with a lovely and cosy aroma.

Journal - Putting pen to paper and writing down our thoughts is a great way to de-stress and is very therapeutic too. It can help us set intentions and give us direction toward our goals.

Listen to some uplifting music - not enough can be said for putting on some funky and uplifting music, it's a great stress buster and sets the tone for many a memorable spring moment.

What is your favourite activity to incorporate into your spring routine?

                                                      ~E xx

Nail Colours For Spring

Korres polish
Light grey Korres polish
Korres Nail polish

Hurrah! It is finally the first day of spring! and I couldn't be more excited at the arrival of this new season after the long dark winter days. With the arrival of spring my thoughts turn to my hands and feet and how neglected those parts of our bodies tend to be over the autumn/winter period. As hands are usually the most had working part of of the body it only makes sense to want to take care of them and add a little bit of colour to the nails that reflects the season.

I have two favourite colours in my collection for just this time of year, a lovely fresh peony pink and a true to form neutral light grey colour. Both of these nail polishes are from one of my all time favourite brands that I have been using for a few years now Korres. One of the reasons that I love this range  of polishes is because they are free from at least eleven toxic and nasty unnecessary chemicals that are often found in nail polishes and although no nail polish is technically 100% safe to use this comes pretty close. Among the ingredients not included in this gorgeous nail polish are Acetones, Pthalates, Formaldehyde, Camphor, Toluene and Xylene.

I know, I know! all names that you probably can't pronounce and are wondering how they end up in things like nail polish that you use but it is important to know as these ingredients can have a negative impact on our lives and health over a long period of time. I have enjoyed using these two colours so far and they are definitely versatile and long lasting especially when used with the Korres top coat.

what are some of your favourite nail colours for spring? have you used Korres nail polishes?

Korres nail polish