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Three Uncommon Suggestions For Improving Your Wellbeing


You hear a lot of tips and suggestions on how best to boost your overall sense of wellbeing these days, and that isn’t too surprising. Although our modern lives are chock-full of luxuries which would have been difficult to even imagine for people living in the recent past, surveys keep reporting that many of us are chronically stressed and dissatisfied in life more, in fact, than we’ve been in decades.

There’s just something about the pace of life these days or certain aspects of the cultures we inhabit or the technologies we use that seems to contribute significantly to stress. Often tips on how to boost your wellbeing will focus on things like being compassionate to yourself. That’s certainly important, but it may not be the whole picture.

Here are a few other less-commonly-heard factors in boosting your wellbeing;

Imbalance is possible in any domain of life

It’s important to take pride in your appearance and to do what you can to enjoy a baseline level of comfort and relaxation in your everyday routine. This doesn’t even have to be too complicated. Buy moisturizer and apply it each evening, have some comfortable pyjamas to settle into in the evening, and you’re on the right track. Keep in mind that imbalance is possible in any area of life, and will always negatively impact your wellbeing. It’s certainly bad to keep your nose to the grindstone too much and never catch a break, but it’s also deadening to the soul to just lounge around and watch TV during all of your free hours. Strive for balance in every area of your life. When you find it, it should feel just right.

If you feel helpless and down, working on developing your discipline, structure and purpose could be key

Feelings of helplessness and fatalism may well be caused, or at least, reinforced, by the fact that you take too much of an undisciplined, unstructured, or unaccountable approach towards your life. In order to actually achieve your dreams — whatever they may be — or even just feel capable and on top of things in your day-to-day life, it’s important to have a certain degree of self-discipline developed. Part of this goes back to the point on balance. You can be too rigid, definitely. But you can also be too unstructured.

Facing up to your own dark side can be important in helping you to move towards a more light-filled life

In recent times, a fair number of people have been rediscovering an old idea in psychology — which is that we all have truly dark and horrible capabilities and tendencies inside us that we try to hide from our conscious awareness. Books like “Dark Side of the Light Chasers” hint at the idea that people who try excessively hard to only ever acknowledge the light within themselves, can be setting themselves up for serious problems, temper problems, and even violent and destructive outbursts, down the line.

Facing up to your own dark side and acknowledging it’s there but not letting it rule you can be very important in coming to terms with yourself, and in taking a healthy path through life. Keeping that side in the shadows on the other hand, can really eat away at your wellbeing.

Dealing With The Winter Blues

The festive period is well and truly behind us and all of a sudden it’s back to reality. The weather is still bleak and cold at least here in the UK it is! My mind turns to ways that you can deal with the post festive slump also known as the January blues. We all need some encouragement at this time of year whether that is to stick to resolutions or goals or just to get through each day during winter. Below are some suggestions that just might make the season that much more bearable;

  • Dust off those hobbies: you know those hobbies that you had and probably dropped?! Now is the time to pick them back up again, not only will it keep you busy, it is good for mental health and will give you a sense of achievement.

  • Read books: Yes getting stuck into a good book that you enjoy can give you new lease of life. Perhaps pick a comedy or a light hearted subject or maybe something that you wish to learn more about.

  • Socialise with friends: Although the introvert like me thrives in their own company without a problem, at this time of year it’s still nice to socialise with close friends and family. It may be a bit of a mission to meet up physically due to weather constraints this doesn’t mean you can’t make use of modern technology to communicate with loved ones. Pick up that phone, email, FaceTime or even make use of social media to keep in touch you’ll feel a lot better for it.

  • Get cosy: It definitely is time to get your hygge or lagom on, light those non-toxic candles or put on a diffuser, snuggle under some huge fluffy blankets. Baking is also a great way to get cosy as it fills your home with a desirable aroma and you get to eat some healthy and tasty treats when it’s done too.

  • Watch a movie / Listen to music: There’s nothing quite like watching an uplifting movie or listening to some of your fave music to get you in a good mood.

  • Make plans: Sometimes making plans for the future is a good way to lift your spirits whether it’s a lovely sun kissed holiday away or along term goal of yours that you want to achieve, making plans and taking steps towards the end result is always a satisfying thing.

    what are some ways you deal with post Christmas and New Years and winter blues?

~E xx

Why You Need A Diffuser In Your Home


A diffuser is usually a humidifier that expresses a fine mist of water and chosen essential oils into the air. It is a very useful device to have around the home, It can help humidify the air, which can in turn decrease the amount of dust particles in the air at home and make it easier to breathe especially for those of us that have breathing problems because we are sick or have asthma etc Depending on the essential oils used in these diffusers, it can have a positive effect on health and wellbeing in so many ways.

Although we are experiencing a little bit of an Indian summer at the moment, Fall / Autumn is well on the way. What a better way to mark the change in seasons than by getting a diffuser out and combining a couple of organic essential oils to provide that ambiance of autumn, boost our wellbeing and provide calm through the use of aroma. One of the simplest blends that I have been using lately is a sandalwood and orange essential oil blend. This blend is earthy yet zesty and is the perfect combination of aromas for the the daytime of this time of year. The combination I use is;

6 drops of Orange essential oil

3 drops of sandalwood essential oil

Place the drops into the water in the diffuser and switch the diffuser on, sit back and relax as you inhale the beautiful earthy aroma and the uplifting fragrance of sandalwood and orange.

Do you already use a diffuser in your home? If so what are your favourite autumn blends or fragrances?

~E xx

Comforting Yourself / Self Care When Things Are Tough


Sometimes no matter how much things are seemingly going our way, there comes a time when like a lightning bolt it hits you that you feel unsettled, upset or down in some way. This realisation may be because of circumstances beyond our control that have happened to us directly but it can also be because of a reason that we just can’t seem put our finger on. At times it can seem that the weight of the world is on your shoulders and you just don’t care for anything or anyone in that moment, all you would like to do is curl up in a ball and let the world pass you by. There is a little light at the end of the tunnel that you feel you’re falling into, there is something that you can do, what? You may ask, well a little often forgotten ritual called self care or self love. Taking care of yourself is not selfish and is something that you can do not only to feel better about yourself but also to become better placed to interact with and even help your nearest and dearest.

Here is a list of things that you can do when things seem a little tough and you’re spiralling down to that dark place.

1. Allow yourself to feel and take on your feelings wholeheartedly without trying to dissect or analyse them. 

2. Be kind to yourself and use self compassion by talking to yourself like you would a good friend.

3. Make yourself some tea honestly the power of a good cup of tea in this situation is underrated  

4. Get comfortable by putting on some easy, relaxing clothes

5. Put on your headphones and listen to some of your favourite music to lift your mood

6. Get outside and go for a walk in nature without the distraction of technology 

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it may seem like the last thing you want to do but having a roommate, friend or partner do something as small as cooking dinner can make a world of difference. 

8. Indulge in some healthy escapism like watching your favourite shows, movies or even planning a holiday somewhere by pining ideas on Pinterest. 

9. If you read lose yourself in a good book or magazine or blog!

10. Spend the day in bed, not always ideal but if it helps you to recuperate then go for it. 

11. Take a nice relaxing bath or hot shower to soothe you

12. If all else fails do feel free to grab a chunky blanket and curl up under it till you feel better.


what things do you do when you’re going through a tough time? 


                                               ~E xx

Seven Little Ways To Deal With The Winter Blues

image1 (4).jpg

The temperature continues to drop and the nights are drawing in ever earlier now. Sometimes the change in weather can come with its own set of problems, sometimes we miss the sun and the warmer days of spring and summer and this can have an adverse effect on our mood. Never fear though there are a few things that we can do to combat the dreaded winter blues and leave ourselves feeling cosy, warm and more importantly loved. A little dose of winter self love is all that is needed to rectify the situation. Below are some small things that you can do to get through the dreaded cold and dreary winter days and bring a little sunshine into your life.

  • Read a good book or a fun filled magazine
  • Watch a funny movie or Tv show
  • Run yourself a luxurious bubble bath
  • Listen to some music that you enjoy and maybe have a solo dance party!
  • Get dressed up for no reason just to feel nice
  • Stretch and do some light yoga
  • Have a social media detox for an hour

What things do you like to do during winter to get you through the dark days an alleviate the blues?

                                                            ~E xx

10 Habits To Adopt For A Great Start To The Day


With autumn now in full swing and winter fast approaching, I've been thinking of ways to make waking up in the morning a little easier especially when it is barely daylight when it is time to wake up from our slumber. I am hoping that these tips will be helpful not only to myself but to anyone else who could do with some good encouragement in the mornings to start the day.

  • No Snoozing; Try not to hit the snooze button when your alarm goes off! choose the time you wish to wake up and tell yourself snoozing is not an option.
  • Hydrate; I like to start my mornings with a mug of warm water with a few slices of lemon. this serves two purposes firstly it helps to hydrate your body and it also helps to kickstart your metabolism as well as keeping those pesky cold bugs at bay this time of year.
  • No phone; In this digital age it has become a habit of ours to reach for our phones as soon as we open our eyes. Try not reaching for your phone for a mini morning digital detox, notifications and social media can wait a while!
  • Focus on today; No matter what happened yesterday, it is now in the past focus on the here and now, the new day and all it's new possibilities
  • Let in some natural light; I know, I know, natural light can be scarce this time of the year especially here in the UK first thing in the morning but it's a good idea to get as much naturall light as you possibly can as it can help lift the mood.
  • Make your bed; Making your bed in the morning not only make your room neater but also ensures that come bedtime you have a nice neat and well made bed to sleep in again.
  • Exercise; It is a good thing to do some light exercise in the morning like stretching or yoga as this can set you up for the whole day making you feel invigorated and ready to deal with anything that comes your way.
  • Have Breakfast; After exercising a nice healthy and nutritious breakfast eaten with attention is another great way to set you up for the day ahead.
  • Read / Journal; Try reading something lighthearted, positive or motivational in the morning. Alternatively a bit of journalling is a great way to set you up for the day by setting up goals
  • Listen to music; Listening to music that you love is a great way to start the day whether this is something soothing to calm you down or upbeat to get you up and going it's a good mood lifter

What things do you like to do in the morning to help you start your day right?


                                                                  ~E xx