Dealing With The Winter Blues

The festive period is well and truly behind us and all of a sudden it’s back to reality. The weather is still bleak and cold at least here in the UK it is! My mind turns to ways that you can deal with the post festive slump also known as the January blues. We all need some encouragement at this time of year whether that is to stick to resolutions or goals or just to get through each day during winter. Below are some suggestions that just might make the season that much more bearable;

  • Dust off those hobbies: you know those hobbies that you had and probably dropped?! Now is the time to pick them back up again, not only will it keep you busy, it is good for mental health and will give you a sense of achievement.

  • Read books: Yes getting stuck into a good book that you enjoy can give you new lease of life. Perhaps pick a comedy or a light hearted subject or maybe something that you wish to learn more about.

  • Socialise with friends: Although the introvert like me thrives in their own company without a problem, at this time of year it’s still nice to socialise with close friends and family. It may be a bit of a mission to meet up physically due to weather constraints this doesn’t mean you can’t make use of modern technology to communicate with loved ones. Pick up that phone, email, FaceTime or even make use of social media to keep in touch you’ll feel a lot better for it.

  • Get cosy: It definitely is time to get your hygge or lagom on, light those non-toxic candles or put on a diffuser, snuggle under some huge fluffy blankets. Baking is also a great way to get cosy as it fills your home with a desirable aroma and you get to eat some healthy and tasty treats when it’s done too.

  • Watch a movie / Listen to music: There’s nothing quite like watching an uplifting movie or listening to some of your fave music to get you in a good mood.

  • Make plans: Sometimes making plans for the future is a good way to lift your spirits whether it’s a lovely sun kissed holiday away or along term goal of yours that you want to achieve, making plans and taking steps towards the end result is always a satisfying thing.

    what are some ways you deal with post Christmas and New Years and winter blues?

~E xx

Hygge For Spring


Spring is well and truly here in the UK and with it comes some very unpredictable weather but with a few sunny days sprinkled in between it is possible to bring some hygge (hue-guh) from the cold and dark autumn / winter nights into the the lighter fresher days of spring. Below is a by no means exhaustive list of some ways that you can bring the Danish concept of Hygge into spring.

Have a picnic - If the weather permits and you have the perfect spot it's worth it to get outside and chow down on some health and nutritious food whilst enjoying the sunshine

Plant something - Being green fingered at this time of year not only gives you a sense of achievement, it is therapeutic too.

Bring in some fresh flowers - On that note, getting some flowers indoors whether freshly picked or bought is a great way to bring the outside of spring indoors and helps to uplift the mood and in some cases provides a beautiful scent too.

Open windows - Let that gorgeous spring time air in it's good not just for you but for your home to to let the fresh air circulate 

Go for a walk / Ride a bike - A double whammy!, you get to go out in the beautiful spring weather and get some exercise to boot which gives you those lovely endorphins that keep you feeling good and lift the mood.

Light a candle or put up some mood lights - There's something to be said for creating a cosy atmosphere with some lights or burning a lovely scented candle, be sure to get some clean and non toxic burning candles if you do!

Get some vitamin D in the sun outside _ Just go outside and enjoy the lovely sunshine when it's available, this helps to get that all important vitamin D that is good for the bones.

Bake _ Baking some healthy treats is not only a nice nutritious way to get some much needed nutrients it also fills your home with a lovely and cosy aroma.

Journal - Putting pen to paper and writing down our thoughts is a great way to de-stress and is very therapeutic too. It can help us set intentions and give us direction toward our goals.

Listen to some uplifting music - not enough can be said for putting on some funky and uplifting music, it's a great stress buster and sets the tone for many a memorable spring moment.

What is your favourite activity to incorporate into your spring routine?

                                                      ~E xx

Preparing For Autumn

image1 (14).JPG
image2 (10).JPG

As the weather here in the UK gets cooler, thoughts once again turn to how to adapt to the changing seasons. Autumn happens once to be one of my favourite seasons, I love getting all wrapped up and cosy and warm as the temperature outside gets colder. The memories and warmth of summer begin to fade into the background and as you look forward you start to think about the coming months and seasons of autumn and winter ahead and dare I even mention the "C" word Christmas?!  how is it that more than half the year has passed already and we are hurtling towards the final months of the year? 

I'll share some things that I like to incorporate into my routine this time of year to help with the transition into fall / autumn.

  • Wash and store my summer wardrobe and clothes, it helps not to have to deal with clothing from two different seasons.
  • As opposed to having a "spring" clean, it helps to have a little pre autumn clean and organisation session.
  • Get out what I like to call the "cosies" this includes my autumn winter wardrobe and clothes and those lovely warm and fluffy cardigans and jumpers / sweaters as well as getting some warm and fluffy home accessories like warm throws and blankets, cushions and warmer bedding for the bedroom.
  • Take more relaxing and soothing baths by adding some bath salts or essential oils to bath times
  • Creating more of a cosy home atmosphere by incorporating some mood lighting like candles or lamps around the home.
  • Go out for short or long walks in nature and get reconnected with your surroundings
  • Change up your eating habits to include more warm whole foods and beverages, such as cups of tea, hot chocolate, warm soups, porridges for breakfast and whole food baked goods.
  • Spend some more quality time with family and friends cooking and eating wholesome meals, catching up and swapping stories.
  • Start Incorporating more Hygge into your daily or seasonal routine.

What things do you like to incorporate into your routine to get you ready for the change in seasons?

                                                      ~E xx

Self Love Rituals for Valentines Day

Valentines strawberries

Whether or not there is a significant other or love interest in our lives, it's always nice to indulge in a little self love and pampering on this day of love. There are little things that we can do for ourselves to make us feel good and loved. Here I am sharing a few ideas to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside this valentines day.

  • Run yourself a luxurious bath, add some rose petals, bath salts and even essential oils to help you relax and feel good.
  • After your bath you can moisturise and nourish your skin with some nice and luxurious body oils like the Nuxe Huile de prodigieuse dry body oil which can be used on hair and body and is all natural or you could make your own body butter like the Monoi de Tahiti body butter in my older post.
  • Wear your nice underwear / lingerie 
  • Use your favourite natural, non-toxic personal fragrance
  • Dress in a nice outfit that makes you feel feminine yet cosy
  • Light some eco friendly candles to give your room a warm cosy glow and fill the room with a lovely scent
  • Make yourself some nice healthy treats to snack on, this could be a lovely pink smoothie in honour of valentines day or some heart shaped healthy vegan cookies or some simple strawberries dipped in a dairy free cacao sauce.
  • Curl up on the sofa and watch a feel good programme or movie or read a good book.
  • Give yourself a hug, you deserve it especially today of all days.

What do you like to do to make yourself feel special on Valentines day?


~ E xx

Happy New Year, Hello Hygge!


Happy new year!  It's hard to believe we're now in 2017!, It has been a bit quiet here on the blog over the festive period as life events took over but I am glad to be back and refreshed in the new year.

With all the festivities of the holidays now behind, this is the time of year that people tend to focus on achieving some life goals although for some it can be a rather deflating time after all the excitement of recent celebrations. You can be left with a feeling of "what now?" as the tree and decorations are stored away for another year and this is the perfect time to inject some self love and Hygge into your life.

What is this Hygge thing you might ask?, well Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah!) is simply a Danish concept and art form that embraces the little rituals surrounding creating a cozy atmosphere by preparing food, drink and our surroundings in an appreciative way. Hygge is a concept of creating warmth well-being and connection in our lives, creating a sanctuary of cosiness and enjoying in a deliberate way the simple things in everyday life, whether that be alone, with dear friends or close family.

Hygge is a great concept and a good way to beat the winter blues, by deliberately slowing down and lingering on every moment that makes us feel good and cosy inside and brings a warm smile to our hearts and mouths. In my following post I will be touching on some of the ways that you can bring Hygge into your life during this winter and post festive season.

Have you heard of Hygge before?