New Beauty Products I’m Loving Lately


With spring in full swing and summer on the horizon, I like to slowly inject some new products into my skin and beauty routine. Two of the latest additions to my routine are a skin product for fading dark acne scars and a new all natural and organic mascara for enhancing that all natural beauty!

The first product I want to talk about is a scar serum called Lué Fade by Jean Seo. It is a new product from this brand and is essentially meant to fade acne scars, skin discolouration and ageing. I have been battling with pigmentation scars for a while now and have tried many natural products to combat it with some success and some not so great results.

I have to say that after testing this product every night for a week I’m blown away by the results. My scars have genuinely faded significantly and I think that with a few more applications my scars will be a thing of the past! It really is a powerful serum that is natural, organic and cruelty free. It comes in a small 75ml bottle with an easy applicator wand that you use to apply the serum to targeted areas.The ingredients include; distilled water, lemon juice, kojic acid, cranberry, vitamin C amongst others.

The second product I have introduced into my beauty routine is a plant based, vegan and cruelty free mascara from a brand I hadn’t previously heard of Ere Perez. It is an avocado waterproof mascara which is smudge proof too! This product I have used on a couple of occasions and it does go on well and makes my lashes seem fuller and thicker, it is indeed waterproof and as per the instructions on the packaging, can be removed with some plant based oils such as coconut or almond oils.

Well I’m not sure about you but this had me sold on the mascara as what a lovely way to get it off than slathering on some nourishing and natural coconut or almond oil to do the job. I am definitely happy to add this to my collection of more natural and skin friendly mascaras.

Both of these products were purchased with my own money and can be found here and here these views are 100% my own. Have you used or heard of any of these two products?

~E xx

Evolve Radiant Glow Organic Face Mask Review


I’ve been in love with Evolve’s radiant glow organic face mask for a minute, I’ve been using it for quite a few months now and thought it was time I wrote a review about this product. The face mask comes in a dark coloured jar and has a soft chocolatey consistency with coconut granules which give it a grainy texture to buff away any dead skin cells after the ingredients of cacao and clay have purified and revitalised the skin. To use the mask apply a thick layer to already cleansed skin, leave for 5 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. I tend to work in a circular motion on my face so as to use the mask to buff any dead skin cells off whilst cleansing the mask off my face.

I have to say I absolutely love this mask, it smells like the most decadent chocolate and feels great when applied to the skin. After applying and washing the mask off my skin feels silky smooth, invigorated, glowing and plump as the clay and cacao help to improve circulation to the face. All in all, I have to say that this mask is a great addition to my beauty routine that I tend to use about twice a week.  I also love that as with all my beauty finds this product is cruelty free, organic, vegan friendly, natural and handcrafted right here in the UK! Have you tried any of Evolve’s face masks?

~E xx

A Look At The Most Popular Living Room Designs

No one can deny it - some interior design themes are just more loved than others, and if you’re someone who’s looking to revamp the theme of their living room for the new year, you are probably going to want to know what they are.

Whether you want to jump in on the bandwagon because you’re looking to dress your living space up, or you want to avoid any hint of what is most widely used out there in terms of interior design, this post is here to help you out. Don’t worry, you won’t have to sit through reams and reams of what people love the most about what their living room looks like , here are just a couple of the most popular design choices out there;

The Minimalist Look

Minimalism has been popular ever since the 60s, and it’s something a lot of people swear by these days to make sure your life is uncluttered and free as a bird. But it’s a style that takes a lot of crafting and careful planning to get into, thus it might just be a little more stressful to implement than you want in your new living room design.

But with simple block colours, you can create a great backdrop for situating any kind of furniture up against, especially some simple pieces like leather sofas and beanbag arm chairs. It can be a comfy yet spacious area to relax in, and gives you a nice sense of personal space you can fill up and have complete control over.

Sprinkling Some Oak In


Oak furniture and some accompanying wood panelling is an age old style design that a lot people swear by, seeing as it helps to keep your house cool in summer and warm during the winter. Not to mention the abundance of oak living room furniture there is out there! It’s a very accessible design anyone can get interested in.

Although too much wood can make the room seem a lot smaller and quite cluttered, also if you’re a fan of the contemporary, this isn’t the style for you. The coffee table would look good made of sheer oak with a nice varnish, but anything more than that and you’ll just overwhelm the space you live in.

The Trip Back in Time

If you are someone who always likes ducking in and out of vintage shops and retro stores, then perhaps a living room layout that reflects the values and styles of a time gone by is one for you. The Victorian era and the 1950s seem to be the most popular periods that people try to recreate, just without all of the dangerous materials present in both! You can even have a different era design for every room you walk into - 70s in the bedroom, 90s in the kitchen etc.

There’s quite a few popular designs out there, just make sure you’re picking and mixing together the ones you love the best.

Style And Substance: A Luxe Yet Sustainable Bedroom In 3 Simple Steps


Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a lovely time ,I’m back after the festive period with a brand new post all about the bedroom and how to make it luxe yet sustainable at the same time

Luxe style while being eco friendly? I hear you say! yes It is very possible!

Who doesn't want to upgrade their sleeping quarters into a luxury haven, perfect for relaxing? Of course, doing so in an eco-conscious and sustainable way can be tricky. After all, those cheap accessories and duvet set may seem like a bargain but they could be doing the environment untold harm. Luckily, there's a way to achieve a balance between style and substance in this area, and it is as simple as following the steps below. Read on to find out more.

Step 1: LED lights

One way to upgrade your bedroom space is to consider the lighting that you have in there. Sadly, most people just stick with the main central light and perhaps a bedside lamp for reading at a push. However, such a setup doesn't quite smack of the luxury edge that we are going for here.

To that end, why not move or add additional lighting features into your bedroom? You may wish to try a chandelier style feature, as they can add drama to a larger space. Alternatively, why not try lengthening the cable and changing the shade on a central light, as even such a simple change can make all the difference. Of course when it comes to being eco-friendly be sure that you are picking fittings that can be used with LED bulbs. The reason is that they use less electricity, and last way longer than the regular kind. Therefore even the most luxurious setup will be guaranteed to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Step 2: Bedding

No bedroom would be complete without the right bedding, and luxurious linens are a must if you are aiming to create a high-end space. You will have noticed too that it's even possible to get some soft and comfortable duvet covers and sheets without spending a fortune. However, it's crucial to remember that many of the cheaper mass produced items are made in a very environmentally irresponsible way.

That is why it is crucial that you research suitable bedding types like those made from Tencel fabric before you make your choice. Now, you may well be asking yourself what is Tencel bedding, especially if you haven't heard of it before. Well, it's a fabric that is not only soft on the skin and holds its colour for a long time but one that is also being manufactured sustainably. This is something that means by using it in your redecoration, you will know your bedroom will be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.

Step 3: Preloved and vintage items

Next, when it comes to decorating your room, there is no better way to achieve a luxury finish than to use vintage and antique furniture. After all, baroque carved wooden pieces in oak or gilded practically ooze luxe and are some of my favourite style of vintage furniture. Of course, by using pre-loved pieces either in their original state or restored and upcycled, you are choosing a much more eco-friendly option as well. This is because no additional energy or resources are needed to make such pieces, and as an added bonus you are preventing them from ending up in a landfill as well. Double win!

How would you add some eco luxe to your bedroom?

~E xx

Upgrading Your Family-Friendly Living Room

Having kids involves a lot of worthy sacrifices, one of which is often your home interiors. Unless you want to spend your life removing stains and dealing with scratches, then light coloured sofas and plush furniture are usually out. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a stylish, cosy living space, you just need to make a few changes so that the whole family can enjoy it together. Get some ideas for upgrading your family-friendly living room below.

Focus on creating space

As a family, your living room is the space where you will enjoy most of your time together, so it’s important that the room feels spacious and airy. There are several styling tricks you can use to make your living room look and feel bigger, including decorating with mirrors and using lighter colours to help the natural light to flood around the room. Your living room should be a clutter-free zone, so make sure everything has its place and that the kids have a box where they can put their toys away after they’re finished with them.

Make it easier to keep clean

A clean home takes work, but you can make it easier on yourself by making your living room easier to clean in the first place. Choose flooring that is easy to maintain like from Carpet One and avoid light colours if possible - pets, children and a cream carpet don’t mix! Greys and darker neutrals make fantastic flooring options that are easy to keep clean, or you can opt for a wooden or laminate floor instead. Furniture that is wipe-clean, and easy to dust will be a lot easier to maintain, giving your living room a Pinterest-worthy finish at all times.

Add warmth and cosiness

Your living room should be a place for the family to get together, to gather around the fireplace or watch TV together. A cosy living room features plenty of textiles, such as scatter cushions and throws, rugs and home accessories to create a warm and homely feeling. When the temperatures dip, a pair of heavy curtains will help keep the draught out, but will also help add that additional feeling of warmth. Changing your curtains and switching up your accessories is an affordable way to transform your living room without having to invest in brand new furniture or redecorating the walls.

Don’t completely sacrifice luxury

While you might want to think twice about investing in stylish, light furniture - that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a touch of luxury to your home. Think about the fabrics you choose and perhaps opt for darker colours that will be more forgiving to clumsy hands, and some lavish lighting that’s out of reach from curious fingers can also keep the luxury element in your living room. Find a compromise that allows you to enjoy the finer things while also accommodating the whole family - you’ll find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest and other online sources.

By upgrading your family-friendly living room, you can create a space that everyone can enjoy and look forward to coming home to. How will you transform your living room? Start looking for ideas today and enjoy creating a beautiful new living space for your home.

Four Ways You Can Make Your Home More Ethical Right Now

As a species we are slowly coming to a dawning realisation… We only have one planet and it’s up to us to take care of it before we do irrevocable damage. It isn’t for nothing that the late Stephen Hawking hypothesised that unless we do something to change our wanton disregard for the planet in the name of progress that we will render the planet uninhabitable within 100 years. Many of us are now looking at ways in which we can make changes to our lifestyle to become more ethical in our buying and living habits.


The good news is that this needn’t be hard work or expensive. No matter what you do for a living, how busy you are at work or what sort of household budget you’re working there are a plethora of changes that you can start to make right now!


Weigh up the ethical cost of your food

We all want to keep our families happy, well fed and well nourished, but that need not come at the expense of our environment. One of the most meaningful ways to make a difference may be by weighing the environmental cost of the food in your fridge. Many of us will be switching to a plant based diet this Veganuary not only because of animal advocacy (although that’s a pretty compelling reason) but because its proven that switching to a vegan diet is “the single biggest” way in which you can reduce the impact your lifestyle has on the environment. Needless to say, using fewer pre-packaged foods and eschewing single use, non-recyclable plastics goes a long way, too!

Make recycling your last line of defence

We tend to think of recycling as the most environmentally friendly way to deal with our waste. However the truth is that recycling is still a fairly inefficient and environmentally damaging way to deal with waste. Recycling is a highly energy intensive process and it’s estimated that nearly 80% of recycling finds its way into landfill anyway.Consider composting and refusing packaging and use recycling as your last line of defence.

Switch to a sustainable energy provider

We all need energy to keep the lights on and the indoor gas heater burning, especially in the colder, darker months. Still, that doesn’t mean that we need to contribute to environmentally damaging energy generation when there are so many sustainable alternatives available to us. You should change your energy supplier regularly anyway to make sure that you’re always getting the best deals. Why not try switching to a sustainable energy provider this year? There are more out there than ever before and they are often no more expensive than their fossil fuel burning counterparts.


Ditch the cleaning products under the sink

We all want a clean and tidy home that’s the envy of friends, neighbours and visitors, but the cleaning products that we use to achieve it can do real damage to our local environment when flushed into our water waste. Consider using biodegradable, environmentally friendly alternatives. Or, better yet, make your own cleaning products. There are a number of natural ways you can make your bathroom sparkle and your kitchen shine.

If you want to make a difference and make your home more ethical, who says you should wait until January to do it?

In what ways do you like to make your home more ethical?

~E xx