Marvellous Maca And Some Benefits Of Taking It.


For a while despite all the signs around me showing me the benefits of taking Maca powder, I had somehow managed to avoid including it into my diet until recently. I decided to take a closer look at this wonderful adaptogen (see my post on Adaptogens here). What exactly is Maca? Well it is a cruciferous vegetable in the same family as cabbage and broccoli that grows in the Andes mountains at very high altitudes in Peru and has traditionally been used by Peruvians and their Incan ancestors for centuries. Some of the benefits of taking Maca root powder are:

  • Increases Energy: It boosts energy levels without causing stress on the adrenal glands like coffee can.

  • Boosts Fertility: Black maca variety has been shown to improve sperm count in men and the red maca variety balances female hormones and ovulation cycles.

  • Reduces depression and anxiety: It helps to boost the mood and relieve symptoms of anxiety.

  • Enhances mental clarity: Black maca has a positive effect on learning and memory.

  • Improves muscle gain: Athletes and body builders are using maca to increase their athletic performance.

  • Regulates hormone balance: Its vast amount of amino acids are the building blocks of hormones.

These are just some of the amazing benefits of taking maca including but not limited to ; Improving acne, skin tone, thyroid function, strong bones and teeth and hair growth. I intend to keep using maca and documenting my successes with it as I go along, although I am already seeing results in terms of balancing my hormones in that my girl time of the month is significantly lighter and shorter. This is a huge bonus for me as well as giving me the extra energy boost that I need to complete my workouts in the gym.

Have you used Maca powder?

~Eme xx

Amazing Adaptogens And Their Importance


Lately I've been seeing adaptogens popping up everywhere and I thought that it was about time I touched on the subject. What exactly are adaptogens you may ask? well adaptogens are compounds that are found in different herbs, roots and mushrooms. These compounds help the body to deal favourably with stress and stressful situations like anxiety, fatigue and lack of focus. Adaptogenic compounds may seem like a new concept but these compounds have been around for thousands of years in Ayurveda.They help the body by returning it to a balanced state and normalising body functions, targeting and reducing mental and physical stress specifically. Adaptogens help to control the body's response to stress by bringing your hormone levels back to normal and prevent adrenal fatigue. Some examples of adaptogens are

Reishi: A potent fungi and Chinese herbal mushroom, helps boost the immune system to fight viruses and anxiety

Ashwaganda: This Indian herb helps to keep a focused mind, lowers cortisol which in turn eases anxiety and boosts the immune system. It also helps to promote weight loss.

Cordyceps: Another mushroom adaptogen, it isn't a stimulant and helps to maintain constant energy levels. great for an afternoon pick me up or can be used for a workout.

Maca: This is a Peruvian herb that helps to increase stamina, strength, energy and endurance. It has anti anxiety and antioxidant properties as well as helping to regulate hormones. Maca is able to help you wake up if you're feeling tired or calm you down if you're feeling wired.

These are just some examples of the many adaptogens out there and an idea of how they affect our body. Adaptogens come in various forms like capsules, tinctures, powders and teas that can be consued in a hot drink or added to smoothies if preferred. Although some people take them every day and every week, It is advised that you take a break of a day or a week in between taking adaptogens so that you can give them  a chance to work on the body properly. It is also advisable to take the adaptogen for some time for example about a month before seeing results as to how well they are working for you.

Have you heard of or taken adaptogens before? 



                                                          ~ E xx







My Morning Facial Skincare Routine

Elemis skincare

I thought it was time that I share my morning skincare routine as well as the products that I am using lately that are making a positive difference to my skin at the moment. I have wanted to try out this range of products for a while now and wanted to give it a few weeks to give my skin the chance to really absorb and react favourably to my new routine. 

After cleansing my face during my shower with a konjac sponge, which was featured in my previous post here, I pat my face dry gently and proceed to remove any lingering dirt and makeup with the Elemis smart cleanse micellar water. This micellar water is enriched with apple amino acids, rosehip seed oil, Indian soapnut, English rose water, and chamomile, some natural and organic ingredients that are good for the skin. Then once I have double cleansed using the micellar water, I then proceed to use one of the Elemis cellular skin recovery skin bliss capsules. There are two colours of capsules provided in the jar and I use the pink capsule for daytime skincare while the green capsule containing lavender oil is reserved for nighttime use. The pink capsule contains Precious oil from the Tanzanian 'Miracle Tree', Moringa Oleifera which is blended with hydrating Rose Absolute for reviving the skin in the daytime.

The third step of my morning skincare routine involves using the Elemis Pro-collagen Marine cream which contains Mediterranean algae, Ginkgo Biloba which gives free-radical protection and has a blend of precious Rose and Mimosa absolutes. I simply dot a few spots of the cream on my face and massage into the skin on my face and neck. My facial skincare routine using these natural and scientifically produced Elemis products has really improved my skin in a matter of 4 weeks and I can see that the general hydration and suppleness of my facial skin has definitely improved. I like to keep my facial skincare routine fairly simple and straightforward and I find that these skincare products really help me to achieve that.

Have you used any products from Elemis in your daily skincare, how did you find them?




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