Ensemble Of The Week Part 4: Boho Vibes

With Autumn comes a change in wardrobe, I am quite taken with the Bohemian vibe this season and as much as I tend not to follow fashion or trends and stick with staple pieces I am quite happy that this season's offerings coincide with part of my own personal style.

I recently got some ankle boots with a serious boho vibe and a lovely blouse which I intend to wear with some vintage jeans. I love that all the pieces are in neutral colours, my favourite.

What favourite pieces of autumn clothing are you incorporating into your wardrobe?

Organic Stylish Stripes

Organic cotton tops

So I have been on hiatus for about a month now, this has been due to a few reasons such as being poorly again with a viral infection and generally feeling fatigued and burnt out. I tend to take on more than I should at times and end up stretching myself too far in too many directions. It is important in life to know when you have reached your limit physically, mentally and emotionally and pencil in some time for a timeout, time to recharge, and reset and get back to your whole self reviewing your core beliefs and healing. During my timeout, I have had time to really think about my goals and my creative direction and I am slowly gaining a new sense of self, and realising that it is also completely okay to say "No" to things as self preservation is healthy.

As most ladies will know, there is nothing like a little retail therapy to perk you up a bit, put a spring back in your step or a smile on your face. I had been on the lookout for a couple of tops that were comfortable, classic, preferably made consciously and with natural fibres. In my search I came across a couple of options from two high street stores that fit the bill and did not cost the earth as these things tend to do. It should be affordable to make conscious consumer choices, looking classic and timelessly stylish without breaking the bank. For me stripes are a classic choice to incorporate into any wardrobe and won't date whilst going from season to season. I am discovering that you can get more conscious items of clothing and items made of organic fibres lately in some of the favourite high street stores, so it is definitely worth a look, great for you, your pocket and the environment too!

~ E xx
Zara organic cotton top, h and m organic cotton

H & M conscious collection organic cotton

Ensemble Of The Week Part 3

It's been a sunny day with a cool nip in the air, as spring is well under way it's time to think about wearing lighter colours still with some layering to keep warm in those unexpected cold windy moments. The ensemble of the week for me was neutral, light, layered, casual and comfortable a trusty vintage pair of grey jeans, a grey striped v-neck jumper paired with some casual Vans slip on shoes. It is such a versatile and  practical ensemble, great for a casual day out or running some errands in because who doesn't love a style of ease comfort when running around doing a million things?

~E xx

Flat lay Ensemble

Shoes~ Vans sold out similar here similar here , Jeans~ Vintage, Jumper H&M similar here

Ensemble Of The Week part 2

After all the buzz of the festive season, it is so nice to take time to regain some sense of calm again as we head into the first weekend of the year. I mentioned in my previous post that I prefer long term goals to resolutions and one of my goals I am carrying over from last year is to continue to simplify my wardrobe sticking to mostly a palette of neutral and monochrome colours. I find that the colours we choose to work with can affect moods and can also project our personality. As a self confessed visual addict!, I like the colours I work with to be muted tones which bring to me a welcome feeling of calm. I recently put together some items to wear on a casual day out, some of the items are vintage having been in my wardrobe for a few years and a few items I picked out like the white scarf I picked up in the sale for just a pound. I love the monochrome colours and layers in this ensemble like the striped top as they are classic and will see me through from one winter to the next over the years.

Layer up!

~E xx

Ensemble Of The Week

As Autumn has definitely arrived I am glad to wrap up warm and love bringing out some vintage pieces I have had in my wardrobe for a while. I love a neutral palate mostly and I was quite happy with this ensemble I threw together for a casual outing during the week.There is just something about dressing in simple and classic neutral but feminine colours that give me a sense of cosiness this time of year. In this case I chose shades of grey and pale blush pink, I particularly like the slip ons I was generously gifted with lately and the rest of the outfit are items I have had for a few years as they are classic they never really go out of style and look good every recurring season. My favourite item has to be the now oversized on me blush pink waterfall cardigan I purchased from Asos about four years ago, I just love wrapping up in its light but cosy layers. I also really love the light grey beanie that I crocheted about two months ago, it is so ideal especially on bad hair days and there is nothing quite like wearing something hand made by yourself knowing it is uniquely for you. I Hope everyone is layering up and keeping warm!