Recommended Reads For Spring

Hell glow review

With spring officially here, it's great to delve into some new books, especially for me when the topic is beauty and green beauty in particular. Two new books that I have started to get into lately are Hello Glow from the green beauty and lifestyle blog of the same name written by Stephanie Gerber. It is a beautifully presented little sized book full of green beauty goodness! It's pages are brimming with easy and simple to make DIY green beauty recipes with ingredients that can be found in your fridge or kitchen cupboards. This means that you don't necessarily have to spend a fortune on beauty products to look and feel your best self.

The nature of beauty
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The second book I am reading also focuses on green beauty it is The Beauty of Nature, written by Imelda Burke who is the founder of Content beauty a store and website that focuses solely on certified organic and green beauty products. Imelda takes us on a journey via her book into the world and workings of green beauty from harmful ingredients to be aware of to highlighting the best products to use for your particular skin needs. The book also focuses on the power of natural ingredients and how they can be used to achieve a green standard of beauty using different brands that have been around for for some time. This is definitely an easy one to read if like me you are a lover of all things green beauty.

Have you read any green beauty books lately?

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Recommended Wellbeing Reads For Autumn / Winter

Eat beautiful

There's nothing that I like to do more during this season than curl up with a heavy blanket wrapped around me while I read through the contents of a good book. Lately I have been drawn to two wellbeing and beauty books that happen to be divided into seasonal sections and it is great to get some good information on how to look after yourself with the change in weather. 

The first book is called Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe a  world-renowned make up and beauty expert who has worked with the likes of Cara Delevingne. This gorgeous book with beautiful seasonal sections on how to nourish and beautify yourself from the inside out, packed full of simple and nutritious recipes with a break down of all the nutrients available as well as their effect on our skin and body. This is definitely my beauty go to this season.


The second book is "Nourish" authored by three ladies, Amber Rose, Sadie Frost and Holly Davidson. This too is another beautifully presented book divided into three sections on nutrition, homemade beauty and exercise tips and hints on how to nourish yourself and maintain a healthy mind, body & soul. It is definitely a great lifestyle addition to the reading list.

what books have you got on your seasonal reading list?


                                                          ~E xx


Recent Recommended Lifestyle Reads

Hi I am Eme, and I am a bonafide bookworm! I have had this habit for as long as I can remember.   From quite a young age I was that child that you wondered where she was as I could be found in a corner with my head in a book. I just love the way books can transport you to a different time and place, I love learning new things or having a good old chuckle at humorous parts of a good book, the way one's imagination is sparked by conjuring up images evoked by words written down and honestly at times just the plain old escapism. Being a busy mum I haven't always had the time to get stuck into a book but I am slowly beginning to do so again after a long hiatus and I just can't seem to get enough of reading!

Two of my favourite recent reads at the moment are;

  1. How to be Parisian by wherever you are by Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas. This is a light hearted read and very tongue in cheek (or should that be chic!) good if you've ever had a wonder about how to adopt some parisian chic into your daily life.
  2. The second book I also adore right now as it is right up my street in terms of natural skincare is Skin cleanse by Adina Grigore. This book is a real treasure educating you all about all natural skincare and how our skin works and a few recipes to try out too. Adina is the founder of S.W Basics a natural body and skincare line with very simple ingredients.

Any fellow bookworms out there? what books are you currently stuck into at the moment?

Happy reading!

~E xx

Gentlewoman, adjust your crown.

During the last week or so I have been recovering from a nasty bug. In the middle of the worst of it I happened to find a silver lining to my cloud, which was time to indulge in some reading, something that I haven't had much time to do over the years since becoming a busy mama to a boisterous little one. I came across my new book by chance and it is such a good read that I had to share, indeed I have already had some of my nearest and dearest get a hold of this book. It is a lovely reminder of some of the etiquette we as women and ladies may have come across but long forgotten and also a teacher of some of the things we may not have already come across.There are parts that will leave you nodding in agreement and others that will make you laugh out loud! I present to you Gentlewoman, adjust your crown and happy reading!

~E xx

Gentlewoman books to read
Gentlewoman books to read