Ffs - Friction Free Shaving: A Review


This one is for us ladies out there mums, sisters, friends you get the idea! You know how it is when you want to de fuzz regularly and you are stuck using a blunt razor because you have forgotten to get yourself a new decent razor or replacement blade for that fancy razor you bought that you don’t often replace because the blades are so damned expensive?! or you end up sneakily using your husbands or boyfriends razor much to their annoyance. Well I might have just found the best solution for this very scenario.... enter Ffs or to give them their full name Friction Free Shaving. What is it? You may be thinking, well it is a subscription based service for us ladies that provides some of the best shavers and blades I have come across for women. How it works is you basically sign up and choose what type of shaver and blades you prefer there are two options, the Silvia which is silver and the Rose which is a lovely rose gold colour. I opted for the Rose as I’m a sucker for all things rose gold! The blades on each of the four replaceable razors are six in number and are diamond coated as well as having a vitamin E strip on the razor blade that helps give a smooth nourishing shaving experience. You then have the option to choose any additional products you may like with your subscription there are three to choose from; a pre shave scrub, a shaving cream and an after shave balm, these are completely optional though and additionally are made from natural ingredients and cruelty free.

The subscription box takes 3 to 5 working days to arrive and you get four new replacement blades in the post every month but you do have the option to space out your delivery to once every two months and to also pause the subscription at any time if you so wish.  Having used the Ffs shaving system I can honestly say that I am impressed with the results and have had the smoothest shave with a razor to date. You can find all the products here and if you input my name Eme Ross as a referral in the box at checkout you can get free engraving worth six pounds of your brand new shaver too! Happy shaving ladies.


                                                                ~E xx