How To Deal With The Holiday Blues


Okay you've been on a pretty amazing maybe even life changing vacation and you are now back at home and back to reality, how to deal with those pesky pangs of longing for the better days of your vacation. Here are some tips that helped me to get through my recent holiday blues and that I am hopeful will be helpful to anyone out there who is having or has had similar feelings after an amazing and well deserved break.

  • First and foremost you want to indulge in some serious self care, this can take many forms, physical or mental. Things like pampering yourself with simple little things, maybe a manicure / pedicure or a luxurious long soak in the bath, reading a new or favourite book, maybe finishing that holiday read that you took with you. 
  • Treat yourself to a lovely meal, so you may not have many spare pennies after said holiday but you can perhaps learn to recreate any delicious meals that you were lucky enough to sample on holiday or maybe you have a favourite smoothie that you had during your vacation that you can also try to recreate to give you those holiday vibes!
  • Organise your travel treasures and photographs, There is nothing quite as uplifting than reminiscing about your recent travels, and organising your souvenirs that you picked up on holiday and finding them a new home. Also creating a lovely digital album or indeed one full of printed pictures can help lift the mood
  • Plan your next trip! yes you may not really know when or where your next trip will be but you can always start planning ahead even if it is only in your head. Creating a vision or mood board is also a great way to make you feel like you are planning your next trip without actually having to spend a penny doing so. You can also start doing some light research into things to do and places to go in your dream destination.
  • Journal; Writing down your experiences about your recent trip is a great way to help you put things into perspective and relive the best bits of your trip without having to annoy other people about what a great time you had on your vacation!

What things do you do to help you get through the holiday blues?


                                                             ~E xx