What I'm Loving Lately


I thought that I would share a few of the products that I have been loving at the moment as I have been really enjoying using a few of these items in my daily routine.


The Ordinary Glycolic acid 7% Toning solution; I love this toner as it contains glycolic acid which is a mild exfoliating ingredient. It also contains Tasmanian pepperberry which helps reduce any irritation associated with exfoliation. I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin since using this product, my skin feels fresher, cleaner and definitely brighter. The few blemishes that I had on my face have also faded away since using this toner before I moisturise. The toning solution can be found here. I love that this products is vegan, silicone, gluten, soy and nut free as well as being cruelty free.


The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors; I love this facial moisturiser from the same brand as the toner mentioned before. It light and non greasy yet provides great moisture for the skin. It also contains 11 amino acids which help nourish and protect the skin. The moisturiser can be found here


Nude by nature allure defining mascara; This is a great mascara for those looking for an all natural alternative to most mascaras out there on the market at the moment. It provides good lash coverage and lengthening of lashes without the unnecessary added chemicals found in most mascaras. Find it here