Preparing For Autumn

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As the weather here in the UK gets cooler, thoughts once again turn to how to adapt to the changing seasons. Autumn happens once to be one of my favourite seasons, I love getting all wrapped up and cosy and warm as the temperature outside gets colder. The memories and warmth of summer begin to fade into the background and as you look forward you start to think about the coming months and seasons of autumn and winter ahead and dare I even mention the "C" word Christmas?!  how is it that more than half the year has passed already and we are hurtling towards the final months of the year? 

I'll share some things that I like to incorporate into my routine this time of year to help with the transition into fall / autumn.

  • Wash and store my summer wardrobe and clothes, it helps not to have to deal with clothing from two different seasons.
  • As opposed to having a "spring" clean, it helps to have a little pre autumn clean and organisation session.
  • Get out what I like to call the "cosies" this includes my autumn winter wardrobe and clothes and those lovely warm and fluffy cardigans and jumpers / sweaters as well as getting some warm and fluffy home accessories like warm throws and blankets, cushions and warmer bedding for the bedroom.
  • Take more relaxing and soothing baths by adding some bath salts or essential oils to bath times
  • Creating more of a cosy home atmosphere by incorporating some mood lighting like candles or lamps around the home.
  • Go out for short or long walks in nature and get reconnected with your surroundings
  • Change up your eating habits to include more warm whole foods and beverages, such as cups of tea, hot chocolate, warm soups, porridges for breakfast and whole food baked goods.
  • Spend some more quality time with family and friends cooking and eating wholesome meals, catching up and swapping stories.
  • Start Incorporating more Hygge into your daily or seasonal routine.

What things do you like to incorporate into your routine to get you ready for the change in seasons?

                                                      ~E xx