How To Holiday In The Tropics

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As I sit here on a rainy day in the Caribbean in a cafe, I am thinking of how to share my experience of how to holiday in a tropical location especially if you're someone who has never visited the tropics before or are going after a long time. On arrival at your destination it's a good idea to unpack your bags and set up your things as if you were at home, this will give you the comfort of being at home without actually being there. Next thing to do is to get washed and ready for the day or night ahead, try and familiarise yourself with your surroundings by talking to some of the locals or asking for information at your hotel's reception desk. Things that you can get information on include where the best places to eat are, any tours that are available and also any local attractions that are worth seeing like ruins, cultural places of significance this. doing this will give you a head start on enjoying your holiday in knowing where to go and what to expect when you get there. It is also a good idea to know these things in advance if for instance you suffer from anxiety like I do it makes a massive difference. 

Being in the tropics is always going to be quite hot and humid so come prepared, don't forget to bring loads of sunscreen and toiletries. keep cool as much as possible and make sure to stay hydrated but most of all don't forget to enjoy the sights and explore, talk to people and have good fun after all it's not everyday that you get to travel to a tropical paradise so make the most of it and enjoy the time that you are blessed to spend there. 

In my next post I will be covering the beautiful tropical eco travel destination that I have been so lucky to stay on and explore whilst writing this post, it truly is a gem so much so that I have been coming back here for years.

What things do you do to help you holiday in a tropical location?

                                                      ~E xx