Anatomy Of An Acai Bowl

With summer around the corner, I have been craving more smoothies and smoothie bowls. I recently purchased some frozen acai packs from my local supermarket and decided to make my first acai bowl of the season. The result was fruity, refreshing and definitely nutritious, my first acai bowl of the season was a success. It contained a variety of lovely fruits and some added nutrients from the powdered plant protein. I kept it simple and topped the acai bowl with a couple of organic fresh fruits but you can be really creative and add a variety of toppings like your choice of fresh fruits, nuts seeds and even some vegan granola. A smoothie bowl is a nice way to enjoy a smoothie as it helps you to play around with various toppings as well as keeping you full for breakfast or even lunch.



1 Apple

2 Bananas

2 Kiwis

1 Frozen pack of Acai

1 Tbsp Plant protein powder

1 Cup almond milk 

A handful of frozen or fresh spinach

1 inch of fresh ginger root



Wash and chop the apple, one banana and one kiwi

Add the chopped fruit, ginger, almond milk, spinach to the blender

add the frozen acai and protein powder to the mix

Blend until the mix is smooth and creamy

Pour the smoothie into a bowl and top with fresh banana and kiwi fruit

Grab a spoon dig in and enjoy!

~E xx


What's your favourite smoothie bowl to try now summer is round the corner?