BU Water Bottle Review

BU water bottle review

I had been searching for an eco friendly and economical way to have fresh clean water on the go when I came across the BU water bottle via social media. I love the concept of this bottle as it eliminates the use and need for single use plastic bottles especially when you are out and about. The bottle is well designed and looks simple yet seriously cool and stylish, it is made out of durable BPA-free material Tritan and includes a recyclable bamboo filter which helps to filter out impurities and bad odours from tap water. The lid is also made out of bamboo and a stainless steel clamp helps to keep the bottle airtight. 

I have been using this bottle for about a week now and I have to say that I am quite impressed that something with such simplicity is a real game changer as far as filtered water on the go is concerned from meetings to yoga class it has seen me through. It is easy to carry around and is easy on the eye whilst making you feel that you are not only doing good for yourself but for the planet too.What made me love this product even more than its eco credentials is that the company has partnered up with a water charity to provide community owned and sustainable water projects for those who need it most in developing countries. With every bottle purchased you can help those in need. This is most definitely a cool yet conscious purchase.

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