Lily Lolo Eyeshadow Palette Review

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I recently purchased an all natural eyeshadow palette and I have been wanting to get my hands on this palette from Lily Lolo for quite some time. I got the palette in the Laid bare colour way which contains some lovely neutral shades such as beiges, nudes and taupes as well as darker colours such as browns and black. These colours are great for everyday wear as well as for switching things up at night time with the darker colours and shimmery gold colours. I love the natural ingredients contained in this eyeshadow palette such as Jojoba oil, Pomegranate seed oil and Manuka oil. The ingredients in this palette are clean, natural and vegan friendly which make it great for applying it if you desire on a daily basis without the worry of nasty chemicals on your skin. The colour payoff is quite good too which I was especially worried about on my brown skin but I need not have worried as The colours looked lovely on my skin tone and even better lasted all day without creasing or fading. I must say I felt good that not only did this product look good on me, I was not applying any harmful chemicals to my sensitive skin, it also did not break the bank at £21 which I think is a good price point for this wonderful product. My goal for sometime has been to replace my makeup bag with natural, conscious and earth friendly alternatives while not breaking the bank and I have managed to do this quite well so far. In the future I will be reviewing and talking about some more natural cosmetic products that I have found that have or are working for me. The Lily Lolo palette can be purchased here and as well as Laid bare there are other lovely colour ways such as "Pedal to the Metal" and "Pure Indulgence".

Have you used any of the Lily Lolo eyeshadow palettes? 

                                               ~E xx