Seven Little Ways To Deal With The Winter Blues

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The temperature continues to drop and the nights are drawing in ever earlier now. Sometimes the change in weather can come with its own set of problems, sometimes we miss the sun and the warmer days of spring and summer and this can have an adverse effect on our mood. Never fear though there are a few things that we can do to combat the dreaded winter blues and leave ourselves feeling cosy, warm and more importantly loved. A little dose of winter self love is all that is needed to rectify the situation. Below are some small things that you can do to get through the dreaded cold and dreary winter days and bring a little sunshine into your life.

  • Read a good book or a fun filled magazine
  • Watch a funny movie or Tv show
  • Run yourself a luxurious bubble bath
  • Listen to some music that you enjoy and maybe have a solo dance party!
  • Get dressed up for no reason just to feel nice
  • Stretch and do some light yoga
  • Have a social media detox for an hour

What things do you like to do during winter to get you through the dark days an alleviate the blues?

                                                            ~E xx