The Super Elixir Nourishing Protein Review


Following on from my previous review of the Super Elixir Super Greens, I decided to write a review for another of the Super elixir products from Welleco their nourishing plant protein in the chocolate flavour. I have been adding this nourishing plant protein powder to my post yoga protein smoothies off and on for about a month now. 

The nourishing plant protein that I purchased comes beautifully presented in a white box tied up in a ribbon which is then opened to reveal the protein powder in a lovely glass caddy much like the alkalising greens caddy but in white. The protein powder is said to help kick start the metabolism, maintain a healthy weight and can be used as I do as a nourishing and replenishing post workout snack.


The super elixir nourishing plant protein contains no whey and protein from peas and sprouted brown rice, making it easy to digest as well as being from a vegan source. It mixes well into smoothies and the chocolate flavour was quite pleasant to taste. There is also a vanilla flavoured option that can be purchased for those that prefer that flavour option. Although I am yet to try this protein powder in any other way, I daresay that it can be used to make some really yummy chocolate flavoured desserts providing that the powder is not heated as this would break down and denature the beneficial plant proteins contained in the powder. 

The nourishing plant protein can now be purchased at a few places such as Selfridges and Net-a-porter as well as from the Welleco website. 


Have you heard of or used the super elixir nourishing protein?

                                                             ~E xx