Autumn / Winter Lip Care


Winter is well on the way and with it comes all kinds of dry skin conditions. One of the most used and often neglected parts of our body is our lips they tend to get chapped and dry and flaky. Thankfully there is a way to combat these conditions. Firstly it is important to cleanse our lips simply using water and a warm wash cloth to moisten the area. Next to get rid of any dead skin cells we can use a simple lip scrub to slough off the dead skin this can be a natural lip scrub that you can buy or a simple recipe you can put together by combining some ingredients that can be found in your kitchen cupboards such as natural brown sugar and combining it with some olive or almond oil. This combination can be mixed into a paste and used to exfoliate the lips.


After the lips have been exfoliated, wipe off any residue with a warm damp cloth. The next stage in lip care is to replenish any moisture that has been lost and protect the skin on our lips with some form of lip care that provides both much needed moisture as well as protection from the elements. It is important to choose a lip product that is not only versatile but also free of any chemical nasties. The more natural the lip product the better as most conventional lip products not only contain harmful ingredients but ingredients that can end up drying out the lips even further than they already are on application. I recently bought and have been using a great all natural lip scrub and balm duo from Frank body which gets the job done with beautiful results and no nasties involved as the line is all naturally derived and cruelty free.

Here is an in-depth review of some effective lip products that you can check out 

what are some of the natural products you like to use to look after your lips?

                                                     ~E xx