My Morning Facial Skincare Routine

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I thought it was time that I share my morning skincare routine as well as the products that I am using lately that are making a positive difference to my skin at the moment. I have wanted to try out this range of products for a while now and wanted to give it a few weeks to give my skin the chance to really absorb and react favourably to my new routine. 

After cleansing my face during my shower with a konjac sponge, which was featured in my previous post here, I pat my face dry gently and proceed to remove any lingering dirt and makeup with the Elemis smart cleanse micellar water. This micellar water is enriched with apple amino acids, rosehip seed oil, Indian soapnut, English rose water, and chamomile, some natural and organic ingredients that are good for the skin. Then once I have double cleansed using the micellar water, I then proceed to use one of the Elemis cellular skin recovery skin bliss capsules. There are two colours of capsules provided in the jar and I use the pink capsule for daytime skincare while the green capsule containing lavender oil is reserved for nighttime use. The pink capsule contains Precious oil from the Tanzanian 'Miracle Tree', Moringa Oleifera which is blended with hydrating Rose Absolute for reviving the skin in the daytime.

The third step of my morning skincare routine involves using the Elemis Pro-collagen Marine cream which contains Mediterranean algae, Ginkgo Biloba which gives free-radical protection and has a blend of precious Rose and Mimosa absolutes. I simply dot a few spots of the cream on my face and massage into the skin on my face and neck. My facial skincare routine using these natural and scientifically produced Elemis products has really improved my skin in a matter of 4 weeks and I can see that the general hydration and suppleness of my facial skin has definitely improved. I like to keep my facial skincare routine fairly simple and straightforward and I find that these skincare products really help me to achieve that.

Have you used any products from Elemis in your daily skincare, how did you find them?




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