New Beginnings And Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment Review

So it has been quite a while since my last blog post, this is mainly because I have been going through some changes in my everyday life, one major one was moving house, which was both exciting and stressful in equal measure, lots of adjustments and new surroundings to get used to. I am now at a place where I am slowly settling into my new abode and figuring out the little everyday things and that lovelies is why I have been a bit absent for the last month or so.

During my hiatus, I came across this product that literally restored my faith in good quality treatment for the lips. Now if you didn't already know I am a self confessed lip balm connoisseur and I love a good moisturising product on my lips. Fresh cosmetics do a range of gorgeous lip treatments and the one I picked to try first was the Sugar rose lip treatment. It has a really subtle rose tint to it and doesn't look too waxy on the lips or unnaturally pigmented, it blends in lovely when applied gives a subtle sheen. One thing I have to mention about this lip balm is that the first thing I noticed when applying it was how incredibly moisturising it is and how the moisture last a good few hours after it is first applied to the lips. 

Lastly but certainly not least this lip balm has the most gorgeous rose scent it is quite subtle and refreshing although it has no flavour to it. Retailing at about £19 it is definitely pricey but worth every penny considering that the product is made with some of the most premium natural and organic ingredients around.