Buckwheat Breakfast Bowl

As much as I love a smoothie or smoothie bowl for breakfast in the morning, sometimes on a chilly morning which we still have here in the UK despite the official arrival of spring, I find myself craving something a little warmer yet still healthy. It is sometimes notoriously hard to find ready packaged cereals that are gluten free, sugar free, organic and not containing a whole load of additives in your local supermarket no less. Times must be changing with more main stream stores taking note of the wave of healthy eaters and stocking the appropriate healthy, organic and niche products.

I was happy to recently discover that there was the option in my local supermarket to get my hands on some buckwheat flakes. Despite the name buckwheat isn't actually wheat but a fibrous plant which contains all of the essential nutrients that the body needs as well as being easily digestible by those sensitive to gluten and coeliacs. Well I managed to put together a bowl of gluten free delicious buckwheat flakes that was definitely on par with a any unhealthy cereals that I may have eaten in the past.



1 Bowl of buckwheat flakes

1 Cup almond milk (or any non dairy milk of choice)

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

A handful of mixed berries

4 Tbsp strawberry flavoured coconut dairy free yoghurt (coyo)



In a saucepan gently warm the almond milk on low heat, add the ground cinnamon and stir

Grab you favourite breakfast bowl and add your buckwheat flakes

top the flakes with the yoghurt and mixed berries

slowly pour in the warmed up cinnamon spiced almond milk

grab a spoon and enjoy!


~E xx