Pretty Powerful Pomegranates

Lately I've been loving pomegranates a lot whether sprinkled on a fresh salad or in a refreshing smoothie or even just a handful on some dairy free coconut yoghurt. Taking a closer look at this pretty fruit, it's easy to see why it is a good choice to incorporate into your diet as it has a host of beneficial properties that are great for hair, health and skin. Here are some cool benefits of pomegranate that will have you reaching for more to boost your beauty regime from the inside.

  • Pomegranates help promote healthy heart function, regulates blood sugar levels and reduces high blood pressure.
  • Soothes upset stomachs and aids in digestion as well as helping weight loss.
  • It boosts the immune system and contains a high amount of antioxidants to keep those pesky free radicals and sick bugs at bay!
  • It is great for the skin as it improves complexion and texture as well as slows down the ageing process, protecting the skin from sun burn.
  • Pomegranates are said to help achieve healthy hair by promoting hair growth as well as adding shine and lustre to hair.

All in all good old pomegranates that have been around a very long time and have over 700 varieties are easily classed as a superfood great for the whole body and promoting beauty from the inside out.

 Do you like pomegranates? and if so how do you incorporate them into your diet or health and beauty routine?


~E xx