Practicing Self love & Valentine's Day Pampering

So with Valentine's day right around the corner, all thoughts usually turn to the standard cliches of flowers, chocolate, stuffed toys, candle lit dinners and the rest, you know the drill. I think that whether or not you have a significant other in your life it is important that a day like Valentine's day should serve as a reminder to give ourselves the gift of self love. Self love is not selfish and in taking care of and nurturing ourselves in little ways we are then in a better position to give and spread love to others.

A good way to give yourself some self love and appreciation is to take care of the parts of you that work the hardest, this can be as simple as a foot soak or a facial or reading a good book. In my case I decided to take care of my hands, lips and face by using some Nuxe reve de miel hand cream, lip balm and my favourite Nuxe oil prodigeuse for my face, Nuxe is definitely my current green beauty brand obsession! Although these self treats were little it was really what I needed to give myself a little boost and feel nurtured and loved.

How do you plan to practice some self love this weekend?


~E xx