5 Simple Ways To Inject Hygge Into Your Everyday Life


Following on from my previous blog post as promised I am sharing five simple ways to start injecting a bit of Hygge into everyday life this season. Hygge as previously explained is a concept of creating a cosiness and a little bit of self love in your everyday experience. 

  1. Introduce a welcoming scent into your immediate environment, this can be done by diffusing some environmentally friendly essential oils or even burning an environmentally safe candle such as one made from coconut wax which is the most environmentally friendly type of candle to burn. Good scents not only make a room smell nice, they also can be good for shifting your mood and make you feel at ease and cosy.
  2. Get warm and cosy, this can be done by wrapping up in a chunky knit blanket, wearing an oversize jumper or cardigan, fluffy socks or sitting in front of a nice roaring fire if you have one with a nice warming beverage like tea or some dairy free hot chocolate.
  3. A little bit of self love goes a long way, so dress your bed space in nice bed wear and sheets, with a cosy throw or blankets and pillows. Wear some nice pyjamas, take a nice long warm bath and treat yourself to some nice bath salts or essential oils while in there. Afterward why not curl up in your nicely dressed bed with a nice warm water bottle while you drift off into a sweet Hyggelig sleep!
  4. Get baking, there's nothing quite like the aroma of freshly baked goods to fill your home with a warm and cosy feel, why not bake some healthy cookies like the one is this previous post. You can have yummy and guilt free treats.
  5. Wrap up warm and go for a walk in nature, take in the simple scenery of the sky, trees and local birds/ wildlife, find some cosy outdoor spots from which to take in nature.

So there you have it, five simple ways you can start to incorporate Hygge into your life today. Do you Hygge?, what are your favourite ways to bring Hygge into your life?