Seasonal Tips For Adapting To Autumn

Well what can I say?! with the ever increasing drop in temperature here in England and the nights drawing in even earlier, my thoughts turn to ways to adapt to this seasonal change. Below are three seasonal tips to help get through the autumn season.

  • Keep Warm; This may sound pretty straight forward but it is amazing the difference a few changes can make to your day. Layering up outfits and dressing appropriately for the change in weather, turning on the heating indoors to make sure you are toasty warm, cosy blankets, knitted socks, warm baths and consuming a warming and soothing beverage are all simple yet effective ways of helping us adjust to the cooler months.

  • Self Nourish; It is so important to take time out to nourish ourselves from the inside out. This involves eating the right foods, seasonal produce and warming meals like soups and even healthy and nutritious healthy baked goods. As well as keeping nourished on the inside is keeping nourished on the outside, treating our skin to nourishing and hydrating moisturisers and oils and doing some gentle form of exercise, my exercise of choice is yoga!

  • Keep productive; With the urge to slow down and almost hibernate during these colder months it is important that we keep our minds and brains ticking over nicely. this can be in the form of setting aside some time to indulge and read a good book, do some knitting or crochet or a hobby that brings a little joy to your life during the dark days.

What do you like to do to help you get through these cooler months?

                         ~E xx