The Best Natural Deodorant I have Tried So Far

natural deodorant

In my quest to replace all of my body care, cosmetic and toiletry products to more organic, animal and earth friendly alternatives, I have tried and tested an array of products. The one area that I had been having trouble with switching was deodorant. In the process of finding an all natural deodorant that actually worked and would not leave me with an unpleasant odour during periods of increased physical activity I have experienced a few successes and many fails. That was until I recently tried this offering from the Natural Deodorant Company. I had put off purchasing one of their deodorants as I had been largely discouraged with my failed experiences of other brands that offered the same promises and failed to deliver.

Biting the proverbial bullet I decided to give this particular brand a go and I was pleasantly surprised and grateful at the same time that I had finally come across a product that was the answer to all my deodorant woes. Not only is this deodorant effective in doing its job , it goes beyond that and actually keeps me smelling fresh after 24hrs. In addition to its effectiveness it is made from all natural ingredients such as organic coconut oil, and a gorgeous blend of essential oils which aid the product in doing its work, so it is kind to you, animals and the environment. Out of the three available formulas, I bought the Active balm in a Lime and Coriander scent and it smelled lovely!  this formula is for more active days and also comes in two other fragrances of Lemon & Geranium and Orange & Bergamot. I would wholeheartedly recommend this brand from my personal experience and say that nothing worked as well as this for me, I'll definitely be going back for more.

Have you ever tried this brand of deodorant?, if so how was it for you?

                                              ~E xx