Keeping Positive And Warm On A Cold Winter's Day / Evening

Finally December is here, the last month of a year that has gone by so fast it has left me wondering where all the time went. With the temperatures continuing to drop and the lack of long hours of sunlight and even daylight. It is natural to want to hibernate indoors in such circumstances keeping comfortable and warm when given the opportunity.

There are few things you could incorporate into your routine when the days are cold and you just want to hunker down indoors.

  • Grab a good book; reading is a great form of escapism, a way to learn new things, cultivate your imagination and keep your mind occupied
  • Make yourself a lovely warming hot beverage, I love making a steaming hot brew of some warming herbal tea or some hot raw drinking cacao great for comforting and keeping warm. As the saying goes, "Tea solves everything" well at least for a few minutes anyway
  • Layer up and get out that warm blanket or hot water bottle. Keeping lovely and warm in this weather is essential so getting out a nice big chunky blanket to snuggle under is always nice as well as wearing a nice fluffy jumper or cardigan.

These are just a few things that can make a difference if you happen to be stuck indoors on grey , wet, cold and generally miserable day that can lift your spirits, make you feel good and warm you up.

What things do you like to do on a cold day spent indoors?

~E xx