The Health Benefits of Fabulous Figs

As October has rolled around once again, I couldn't be happier not just because Autumn / Fall is one of my favourite seasons but also because of the lovely seasonal fruit on offer. I love figs and here in the UK we get two to three Autumn months to enjoy them. I love incorporating them into healthy dishes or smoothies to reap the benefits.

Some of the health benefits of figs include; help in treating kidney stones, anti-ageing properties and soothing acne break outs. Figs are said to have anti-diabetic properties as they are high in potassium and help to reduce insulin, they are great for healthy bones due to their calcium content and great for the digestive system help to relieve constipation and as they contain dietary fibre can help reduce body weight.

In terms of skin and hair figs have so much to offer from antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to giving us fabulous smooth skin when applied as a body scrub. Vitamins B,C, phosphorus and Magnesium are some of the important nutrients that figs provide for healthy skin as well as essential fatty acids. For the hair figs are great for conditioning the hair especially if like me you have coarse or curly hair. It is super moisturising in oil form when added to your regular conditioner.

Yes those figs are indeed fierce and fabulous fruit. Do you like figs or have you used them in any form?, do share.


~E xx