Chai Spiced Buckwheat Porridge

With the colder mornings and afternoons lately, I tend to crave warmer breakfasts and lunches rather than my usual go to choices of smoothies, smoothie bowls and chia puddings although I still do enjoy these too. Today was one such day, I managed to whip up this delicious chia spiced buckwheat porridge that was warming, filling and flavourful all at once.



1 cup of raw buckwheat flakes

1 Tbsp loose chai tea mix

1/2 cup almond milk (or other non dairy milk)

1/2 cup boiled filtered water

1 tsp ground cinnamon

3 Tbsps maple syrup

1 Banana

A handful of blackberries

A handful of cashew nuts



Add the boiled filtered water to the lose chai tea mix and allow to steep for 8 to 9 minutes

To a saucepan add the almond milking ground cinnamon and warm on a low to medium heat setting

After about 3 minutes add the raw buckwheat flakes to the saucepan and stir lightly

Strain the chai tea mix directly into the saucepan and stir the mixture 

Add in the maple syrup

Simmer the mixture until you have a porridge consistency and remove from the heat source

Transfer the porridge to a bowl and top with sliced banana, blackberries and cashew nuts

Drizzle some maple syrup on top (optional)

You should now have a lovely bowl of warming nutritious buckwheat porridge with a noticeable hint of chai flavour and all the goodness of the added fruits and nuts. Perfect fuel for those cold Autumn / Winter days.

What healthy warming breakfasts or meals are your favourite to try out this time of year?


~E xx