New Favourite Body-care Find

As much as I love nothing more than making my own bodycare products, sometimes due to time constraints and my love of trying new things I am lead to purchase some new delicious bodycare products. Recently I came across a range of products that caught my attention while I was purchasing some other bits and pieces. I was impressed not only by the product range centered around fruits and  vegetables but also the ethos of the company.

Enter the "yes to" range of products, according to their website and mission statements their products are at least 95% natural made from plant and mineral sources. Free from phthalates, parabens, silicones, SLS, nasty and unecessary harmful chemicals as well as being cruelty free, there is a lot to love about their products. I decided to start out with two choices of their body wash the lovely and invigorating "yes to grapefruits" and the hydrating and moisturising "yes to blueberries" body washes both in 500 ml. The bottle size contained quite a generous amount of product which will go a long way and were quite reasonably priced for the amount that you get.

So far I have been using the "yes to blueberries" hydrating body wash and I can definitely already see a difference in my skin. I had some pesky dry patches which are now slowly disappearing and my skin in general is soft, smooth and hydrated straight out of the shower, not surprising as the body wash contains yummy shea butter and anti-oxidant blueberries. I love using this product with my new loofah which I mentioned in a previous post


. One more thing I love about these body washes is that they can also double up as a bubble bath so in terms of versatility this is definitely a keeper.

Do you have any natural bodycare favourites that make you look forward to scrubbing up in  the shower or luxuriating in a lovely wam bath? do share.

                                                       ~E xx