Spring Smoothie

Blood orange

Today I really appreciated the lovely and sunny weather that we have been experiencing here in the UK. I felt inspired to whip up a smoothie that had a nice citrus twist to it and tasted refreshing for spring days and summer which is around the corner to blow those proverbial cobwebs away. It's packed full of nutrients,vitamins and antioxidants and all natural goodness.Hopefully everyone is enjoying the lighter days as much as I am and keeping nourished and hydrated.

~E xx


2 Blood oranges
1 Kiwi fruit
2 Carrots 
1 bulb of beetroot
1 large apple
400ml filtered water
1/4 fresh stem ginger


Squeeze the two blood oranges to get some fresh juice and set aside
Chop all the fruit and vegetables into small pieces and add to the food processor / blender
Add the fresh stem ginger
Finally add the freshly squeezed blood orange juice and filtered water
Blend until a smooth texture is achieved
transfer to a container, garnish with some fresh mint and it's ready to drink!

Blood orange spring smoothie