Ensemble Of The Week part 2

After all the buzz of the festive season, it is so nice to take time to regain some sense of calm again as we head into the first weekend of the year. I mentioned in my previous post that I prefer long term goals to resolutions and one of my goals I am carrying over from last year is to continue to simplify my wardrobe sticking to mostly a palette of neutral and monochrome colours. I find that the colours we choose to work with can affect moods and can also project our personality. As a self confessed visual addict!, I like the colours I work with to be muted tones which bring to me a welcome feeling of calm. I recently put together some items to wear on a casual day out, some of the items are vintage having been in my wardrobe for a few years and a few items I picked out like the white scarf I picked up in the sale for just a pound. I love the monochrome colours and layers in this ensemble like the striped top as they are classic and will see me through from one winter to the next over the years.

Layer up!

~E xx