Pomegranate Carob Bark

I had one of those days lately where I had this craving for chocolate, and hey as a woman who loves chocolate I am sure many can relate to this. I usually have a go to recipe to whip up some home made chocolate using raw cacao, however because of the stimulatory nature of cacao which can have an effect much like coffee, I chose instead to try a recipe with a chocolate / cacao substitute. I chose plant derived carob. It is so easy to whip up a batch of raw carob chocolates in no time at all to satiate those cravings whilst being nutritious, healthy and good for the body. I love making my own chocolate or chocolate substitutes and apart from being healthier and packed full of nutrients it prevents blood sugar spikes that leave you craving more sugar. I find that I don't miss the old standard chocolate I used to eat as my taste buds have adjusted over time and I feel better knowing that this is good for my insides and outsides!

~E xx


2 and a half tbsps of raw unsweetened carob powder

1 and a half tbsp of coconut nectar/sugar (or maple syrup or any healthy low in fructose / low GI sweetener)

4 tbsp of raw organic virgin coconut oil 

Fresh vanilla / vanilla essence (optional)

Half a tsp of cinnamon

4 tbsp pomegranate seeds.


In a heat proof glass or ceramic bowl heat and melt the coconut oil (which is solid at room temperature) this can be done by using a double boiler method which involves putting the bowl with the oil into a pan of water and heating it until the oil melts.

To the melted coconut oil add all the dry ingredients, add the vanilla if opted for and leave out the pomegranate seeds

Mix until all the ingredients have been absorbed by the coconut oil.

Pour the resulting mixture into a square or rectangular mould or container (non metal)

To the poured mixture add pomegranate seeds and distribute them evenly.

Cover the container and pop it into the freezer for approximately 30 minutes

Once the mixture has set, remove from the freezer, cut the bark into squares / rectangles as required


Store the remaining carob bark in the freezer and consume as needed, although I am sure these won't last long as they'll probably be eaten up by anyone who tries them!