Friday Face Time

It's Friday and there has been very little sunlight today, the blustery wind is ice cold reminding us that indeed winter is upon us. With the harsh winter cold weather outside and the equally as harsh central heating indoors, my facial skin has been protesting. Both extremes have left my face with some dry patches this in turn lead me to trying out a simple recipe for a facial moisturiser, it was time to pencil in some quality face time and nourish my face. My requirements for a facial cream were straightforward it had to be of course moisturising, nourishing, toning and be made with very simple natural organic ingredients that I may already have in my kitchen cupboards. It had to be easy to make and most importantly actually work. I was quite happy with the results I achieved both in the simplicity of the cream and being able to soothe my dry skin.


1 heaped tbsp of extra virgin organic coconut oil
1 tsp of manuka honey (with an activity (UMF) level of 10+ or higher)
Half a cup or about 3 and a half tbsps of sweet almond oil
6 drops of essential oil of choice (optional, check personal suitability first. I used lemon oil for a lovely fresh uplifting citrus scent.)
 3 drops or one capsule of Vitamin E oil (optional)


In a non metallic mixing bowl add the coconut oil and manuka honey and whisk with a handheld electric whisk until smooth.
 Stop whisking and add the sweet almond oil followed by essential oil of choice if you opt for it as well as the vitamin E oil.
Whisk the mixture thoroughly until it is really smooth and creamy.
Scoop the resulting cream into to a small container with a lid, mine was around 250ml when finished.
store in the fridge or a cool dry place and use as required.


~ E xx