Taking It Off

Today I have been thinking a lot about the things we carry around with us everyday mainly negative thoughts, self doubt, painful memories, angst, you get the picture. As I thought about this I wondered what if we just turn all these feelings and emotions into proverbial baggage or stones to be thrown into a body of water sinking to the bottom never to be seen again. Sometimes you feel dragged down by others opinions of you or your work, acquaintances that leave you drained after interaction with them or just life in general. What if just for a moment we took a deep breath and let it all go?, expectations, ego, angst etc. we would be able to feel relieved, rejuvenated, free even. I have made it a ritual at the weekend especially on Sundays to reflect on the past week and let go of the things, people or situations that no longer serve me. Doing this creates a space for moving forward positively in the week ahead and in general for more good things to find their way into the space in your life where the negative clutter previously resided.

Wishing you a soulful Sunday,  E  xx