Homemade Granola (Bucknola)

With the temperatures continuing to drop and with many dark and cold mornings my mind turns to breakfasts that are mostly warm and nourishing like a good hug. I like to make sure that the food I eat is as unprocessed as possible, there is something to be said of making your food from scratch knowing that you have the knowledge of exactly what is put into your food and ultimately your body.

I had been procrastinating at making my own home-made granola for a while but I decided this weekend it was time to just go ahead and do it without any expectations of the result.

 It turned out to be a successful experiment and the resulting granola was nutritious with the sweetness coming through from the added fruit as well as filling so much so that come lunchtime, I was still full from breakfast! I intend to make this as my go to granola and love nothing more than enjoying a bowl full with some warm almond milk and topped with coconut dairy free yoghurt and some fresh fruit.


One and a half cups of organic raw buckwheat groats

One cup of  raisins or currants

Two tablespoons of coconut nectar sugar

Two and a half tbsps of pumpkin seeds

Two and a half tbsps of unsweetened apple sauce

A pinch of sea salt 

Two tbsps of your favourite nut butter (this can be almond, cashew or peanut butter if preferred)

One tablespoon of  maple syrup (or raw honey if part of your diet) this is optional.


In a large mixing bowl or food processor add all the dry ingredients

Add the apple sauce followed by a pinch of sea salt

Lastly add the nut butter and maple syrup / honey if  opting to add any.

Mix the ingredients until the resulting mixture has clumped together

Spread the mixture on a baking sheet and pop it in the oven at 220 degrees C .

After about 15 minutes or when golden brown remove from the oven and set aside to cool.

Grab a bowl, a spoon and enjoy!