Super Simple Lip Scrub

Well what can I say?!, the weather and decreasing temperatures are already wreaking havoc on my skin. This is the time of year when people have their chapsticks and lip balms at the ready for those dry and cracked lips that we sometimes get. I thought of a way I could make a lip scrub using items that I already had in my kitchen cupboard.

 I am a great believer of "If it is good enough to eat then it is definitely good enough to go on my skin". I also like to keep things really simple when it comes to body care, less is definitely more. This lip scrub only took me less than five minutes to make, I also made a little bit too much for my little tin so I ended up using the little bit left over to exfoliate my hands and lets just say my hands were thanking me for the treat as it left them so soft! but hand care is a topic I'll save for a later post perhaps. I am yet to use it on my lips and saving it for the morning but I am sure judging by my hands it will work a treat. Recipe below


One tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil 
One teaspoon of honey (Preferably raw honey although I used regular honey as I wanted to use it up)
One tablespoon of organic raw fair trade brown sugar.
Half a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil (Optional)
Two drops of lemon essential oil (Optional)


In a bowl place coconut oil (solid when cool at room temperature,but melts when warmed), Honey and brown sugar. Mix the ingredients with a non metallic spoon until all the sugar is mixed into the coconut oil. Voilà! you now have a lip scrub that you can use on your lips, I went a bit further and added some olive oil for more moisture and conditioning and you can add the lemon oil to this before adding it to the mix in the bowl. 

I loved the resulting scrub as it is all natural, the honey provides moisture, the coconut and olive oils provide conditioning and the sugar helps get rid of pesky dry and dead skin. All this serves to keep lips flake and chap free for the autumn / winter season.

Keep It Simple Sweeties! K.I.S.S