Grilled Plum Crumble

There is nothing more I love doing during the colder months than doing some light baking in the kitchen. I love finding new creative and most importantly healthy alternatives for desserts or breakfast. Having had a bit of a sweet tooth for as long as I remember, it is important to me that my ingredient list is full of beneficial healthy yet simple items. I made this plum crumble as a dessert the previous day and the other half left over I had  for breakfast as it is so versatile." Dessert for breakfast?!!" I hear you say er yes indeed.


One punnet of organic plums
Six tbsp coconut sugar / nectar
Two tbsp ground cinnamon
Two cups of of organic gluten free steel cut oats
One cup of raw buckwheat
One cup organic almond meal / flour
One and a half tbsp extra virgin coconut oil.
Half a cup of unsweetened almond milk


Wash and de-stone the plums and cut them into quarters
Place the plums in an oven proof dish  and sprinkle one tablespoon of cinnamon followed by three tablespoons of coconut sugar.
Add a tiny bit of  filtered water to the mix and pop into a preheated grill for fifteen minutes
To a separate bowl add the oats, almond meal, raw buckwheat, three tablespoons of coconut sugar, one tablespoon of cinnamon and the coconut oil. Mix the ingredients and add the almond milk last.
Keep mixing until the milk is absorbed into the resulting crumble.
After fifteen minutes, remove the grilled plums and spoon the crumble mix over them in the dish
Put the dish into a preheated oven at 220 degrees until golden brown or around 25 minutes.
Remove from the oven when ready and set aside to cool a little
Serve your crumble probably with some non dairy icecream or yoghurt, dig in and enjoy!