Ensemble Of The Week

As Autumn has definitely arrived I am glad to wrap up warm and love bringing out some vintage pieces I have had in my wardrobe for a while. I love a neutral palate mostly and I was quite happy with this ensemble I threw together for a casual outing during the week.There is just something about dressing in simple and classic neutral but feminine colours that give me a sense of cosiness this time of year. In this case I chose shades of grey and pale blush pink, I particularly like the slip ons I was generously gifted with lately and the rest of the outfit are items I have had for a few years as they are classic they never really go out of style and look good every recurring season. My favourite item has to be the now oversized on me blush pink waterfall cardigan I purchased from Asos about four years ago, I just love wrapping up in its light but cosy layers. I also really love the light grey beanie that I crocheted about two months ago, it is so ideal especially on bad hair days and there is nothing quite like wearing something hand made by yourself knowing it is uniquely for you. I Hope everyone is layering up and keeping warm!