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Almond Cacao Raisin Cookies

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Sometimes being on a healthy journey can be hard work, you know those times where if like me you have a massive sweet tooth you just crave something a little sweet and wholesome?! Well I was definitely having one of those days yesterday. In a bid to be healthy and stay on track with my goals I decided to knock up a batch of pretty yummy low carb, dairy free, grain free and gluten free but definitely not fun free cookies. They definitely turned out to be lovely chewy and flavourful and more importantly hit that sweet spot for me! 

Below is the recipe for these tasty treats, if you do manage to make them please come back and let me know how you found them.



1.5 cups of almond meal

0.5 cup of raisins

2.5 tbsp melted coconut oil

1 tbsp cacao powder

2 tbsp coconut nectar / sugar

1/4 tsp pink Himalayan salt

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp almond essence

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 tsp ground nutmeg



Line a baking tray with baking paper

Preheat Oven to 180c 

Mix all the ingredients listed in one bowl

Spoon 1 tbsp portions onto the lined baking tray ( I got around 12 portions)

Bake in the oven for around 20 minutes or until golden brown

Allow to cool and then enjoy with a glass of nut mylk, hot chocolate or your favourite cup of tea!





Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil Review

Dr botanicals rose oil

So I return to blogging after taking a break over the festive period and the early part of the year. The weather here in the UK has definitely been challenging, dark, miserable and grey which has inspired a lot of Hygge moments in my house! With that in mind I have taken to looking at and tweaking my nightly facial skincare routine. I was recently sent a new product to trial and decided to incorporate it into my night time routine. The product in question as you can tell from the title of this post is the Dr. Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood facial oil. According the website the product is full of vitamins and minerals that work together to rejuvenate, renew and protect the skin. It is rich in antioxidants and moisturising properties to keep your skin protected and hydrated when it needs it most. I was quite intrigued by this product not only because it is a cruelty free product (not tested on animals) it is full of ingredients that are natural and non toxic.

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The oil comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a dropper and the oil is a lovely pink colour, it also has a rose and sweet aroma. The consistency of the oil itself is not like a typical facial oil and more like a rose water in consistency.  I tend to apply this facial oil to my skin at night time after I have removed any makeup and cleansed my skin and before I put a night moisturiser on my face. So far so good with this facial oil, It smells lovely and sits well on my skin not being greasy or pore clogging and knowing that I am feeding my skin with natural ingredients makes me feel really good and ready to get some much needed beauty sleep. The facial oil can be purchased here at a current price of £49.90 and yes it is a little pricey but for what you get it is worth it as it will last a long period of time. This is definitely a keeper for my night time facial routine.

Have you used of any Dr. Botanicals products?

* This review is for a free sample of the oil that I was sent by Dr. Botanicals to review for which I am grateful. However all views and experiences are my own!

Lily Lolo Eyeshadow Palette Review

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I recently purchased an all natural eyeshadow palette and I have been wanting to get my hands on this palette from Lily Lolo for quite some time. I got the palette in the Laid bare colour way which contains some lovely neutral shades such as beiges, nudes and taupes as well as darker colours such as browns and black. These colours are great for everyday wear as well as for switching things up at night time with the darker colours and shimmery gold colours. I love the natural ingredients contained in this eyeshadow palette such as Jojoba oil, Pomegranate seed oil and Manuka oil. The ingredients in this palette are clean, natural and vegan friendly which make it great for applying it if you desire on a daily basis without the worry of nasty chemicals on your skin. The colour payoff is quite good too which I was especially worried about on my brown skin but I need not have worried as The colours looked lovely on my skin tone and even better lasted all day without creasing or fading. I must say I felt good that not only did this product look good on me, I was not applying any harmful chemicals to my sensitive skin, it also did not break the bank at £21 which I think is a good price point for this wonderful product. My goal for sometime has been to replace my makeup bag with natural, conscious and earth friendly alternatives while not breaking the bank and I have managed to do this quite well so far. In the future I will be reviewing and talking about some more natural cosmetic products that I have found that have or are working for me. The Lily Lolo palette can be purchased here and as well as Laid bare there are other lovely colour ways such as "Pedal to the Metal" and "Pure Indulgence".

Have you used any of the Lily Lolo eyeshadow palettes? 

                                               ~E xx

Seven Little Ways To Deal With The Winter Blues

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The temperature continues to drop and the nights are drawing in ever earlier now. Sometimes the change in weather can come with its own set of problems, sometimes we miss the sun and the warmer days of spring and summer and this can have an adverse effect on our mood. Never fear though there are a few things that we can do to combat the dreaded winter blues and leave ourselves feeling cosy, warm and more importantly loved. A little dose of winter self love is all that is needed to rectify the situation. Below are some small things that you can do to get through the dreaded cold and dreary winter days and bring a little sunshine into your life.

  • Read a good book or a fun filled magazine
  • Watch a funny movie or Tv show
  • Run yourself a luxurious bubble bath
  • Listen to some music that you enjoy and maybe have a solo dance party!
  • Get dressed up for no reason just to feel nice
  • Stretch and do some light yoga
  • Have a social media detox for an hour

What things do you like to do during winter to get you through the dark days an alleviate the blues?

                                                            ~E xx

New Facial Skincare Products

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Elemis facewash.jpg

Whether it's due to hormones or the change in weather, my skin has been in a state lately with me suffering from a few unsightly dry and dark patches on my face. I've been a fan of Elemis products for a while and remembered when I used a sample bottle of the dynamic resurfacing facial wash this summer past. I had some very good results using this facial wash as it really did even out my skin tone. I decided that since I had such wonderful results previously I should take the plunge and purchase a full sized bottle. I am so glad that I did as even though I have been using it for a week so far I can already tell that it is making a big difference to my skin. I use this product to cleanse my skin in the morning and two to three times a week it is used with my Foreo Luna face scrub brush. My skin feels cleaner, looks fresher and feels more moisturised although I know that the dark patches on my skin will take time to fade whilst using this, I am sure that in time it will happen and my skin will be back to normal. The facial wash helps to encourage the skin's natural cell renewal cycle and provides gentle exfoliation of any skin cells that contribute to dulling the complexion and this is due to the presence of Tri-enzyme technology patented by Elemis.


To add to my skincare routine, I have also been using the Dr. botanicals tropical invigorating moisturising facial cream. This cream has a light and gel like texture, it is easily applied after my face has been cleansed and toned and easily sinks into the skin and moisturises it beautifully. It doesn't leave a greasy film but allows the skin to be moisturised all day long, after using this cream for only a week my skin is supple and soft, I've definitely noticed a difference. Another thing that I love about the the Dr.botanicals range is that the products are vegan and cruelty free, while the Elemis face wash uses natural products like white truffle and babassu and is also cruelty free.

What new products have you discovered lately that are working well for your skin?


                                                              ~E xx