Welcome to this humble little corner of the web called Peonies and Passionfruit. Why Peonies and Passion-fruit?, well it all started at a time when I had the thought that this is all I need to put a smile on my face! Incidentally and rather fitting, Peonies have since ancient times been associated with healing and medicine.


This blog serves as platform for sharing simplicity, thoughts, lifestyle, style, well-being and inspiration with a (w)holistic slant. It is about merging a natural approach to well-being with a dash of style thereby resulting in a whole living lifestyle. This is a culmination of years of research, personal experience and a continuing journey into well-being. It is my hope that you find something that you like, enjoy and is perhaps useful to you.





Hello my name is Eme (pronounced Ehm ee!) a midlands based UK blogger, I am a mother, sister, friend, I have a background in science, natural health, (w)holistic lifestyle and I am currently studying to become a certified yoga teacher. I love travel, healthy nutritious food, yoga, crafting, reading and I have a healthy appreciation for a simplistic classic style infused with a hint of Boheme. If I were to describe my creative style it would be Luxe / bourgeois boheme, I love natural health and whole living combined with style and grace two genres that aren't usually considered together. Welcome to my little corner of the web, hopefully we can find inspiration together on this lifestyle journey.





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